Vickie Burley - Feb 10, 2018
I'm very frustrated with the ads, videos and cookies and cannot even priint the recipes anymore because they do not appear when I click "print." I contacted Just a Pinch and told them about the issues that I'm having and was told that I have to allow the pop-ups, so I did and I still cannot get the print version to appear. It's become quite frustrating and half the time when you click on a recipe, it takes you to an outside website.
Pam McDonald - Feb 10, 2018
To get to the recipes, you need to click on the arrow going right. It is kinda in the middle of the graphic. It looks like this:

Then you can click on the cake graphic to get to the recipe.

Those having problems with pop ups on pages, if you have Firefox, just get an addon to block them. :)
Delores Sink - Feb 10, 2018
I agree how do you get to the recipes
Donna Smith - Feb 10, 2018
There are SOOOO many ad on videos, ads and cookies that pop up on this site, it is a wonder that anyone ever gets to the recipe. Many errors occur when trying to reach a recipe, you wind up going to another site or screaming your head off! Why does "Just a Pinch" have us go through this? It must be the way they profit from them
Demaris Edmond - Feb 7, 2017
yes it is a very easy and delicious recipe.
Demaris Edmond - Feb 7, 2017
Looks delicious!! I know the one on thew top left is black magic. It is to die for....
Anita Offutt - Feb 7, 2017
I would like the recipes please
Mary Paradowski - Feb 3, 2017
You are making it much too hard to get one recipe. Too many links and still recipe does not come up. Your previous site was my favorite recipe source. Now it is just overloaded with unnecessary info.
Robin L - Feb 3, 2017
Nevermind... I just figured it out... Thanks!
Robin L - Feb 3, 2017
Delicious looking pictures, but how do I get to the recipe???