Parchment Paper Vs Wax Paper

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The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows best uses for parchment and wax paper.

Linda Richardson - over a year ago
Thanks for the tips
Betsy Wolfe - over a year ago
Not impressed with this video. I use wax paper to line cake pans all the time. Never trouble with that. Parchment paper is best used instead of waxed paper when you are cooking fish or other dish inside wrapped paper pouch (en papiote). They don't even mention that...only cookies, which I never use paper for anyway.

The actual video is really just a tiny clip with music- shorter than the ad following it. Come on JAP- You can do better.
Linda Kintz - over a year ago
Thanks for the great tip.
Shelley Tiffany - over a year ago
Gladys, maybe you'll have to take that up with the Reynolds company. As you can see in the video, the manufacturer labels it as "wax paper", even if it is grammatically incorrect.
gladys cannon - over a year ago
I believe the term is waxed paper. The paper has been waxed not wax.
Heidi Hoerman - over a year ago
Don't use a silicone cooking utensil at a temperature higher than it is rated for. What we think of a silicone mat or pan is not 100% silicone but is silicone mixed with something else. Although silicone itself is safe to incredibly high temperatures what it is mixed with may not be. Do not use silicone with direct heat, such as under a broiler or over an open flame. "Manufacturer recommendations for maximum heat exposure vary from 428 to 500 F, so check your particular product for use instructions." from

If you bend the cookware and see white, a filler has been used. This is usually true of very cheap silicone bakeware. In those cases, make sure to use the silicone at relatively low temperatures since the fillers may melt and off-gas. If you purchase silicone bakeware with a maximum temperature given that is less than 428F, it is likely to contain plastic fillers.
Pat Duran - over a year ago
I always place a piece of wax paper on the bottom of cake pans and bread pans.....
Mary Hannan - over a year ago
Both depending in what I'm making.
Heidi Hoerman - over a year ago
Don't use silicone when you are using an extremely high temperature, e.g.stove top lid, commercial oven at a high temperature, under the broiler, on a gas or charcoal grill, etc. Heat tolerance depends on the type of silicone mat, pan or paper. Check to see what the manufacturer recommends as the highest temp whenever you use your oven at over 400F. The problem at higher temperatures is with whatever fillers are added to the silicone off-gassing or transferring to the food. With name-brand manufacturers this is less of a problem.

Don't use a silicone pan for something that calls for an ungreased pan and needs friction to rise, e.g. angel food cake or other light sponge, meringue cookies, etc.

Here are some useful sites on the matter:
Heidi Hoerman - over a year ago
Don't use a silicone mat if the temperature is very hot, such as on a stovetop lid or barbecue grill. Silicone is safe to use to a bit over 600F -- since most home ovens don't go this high, they are generally oven-safe.

As I mentioned before, some cakes actually need friction to rise correctly, especially sponges. Do not use silicone for these.
Lora DiGs - over a year ago
Heidi Hoerman - over a year ago
Think melting candle when you think of waxed paper and heat. Yes, waxed paper is okay to use in the microwave if you do not have it in contact with the food for very long. Otherwise, a paraffin-waxy taste will transfer to your food. Wax paper is good for separating things like meat patties when freezing.

Parchment paper is coated with silicon. It is heat resistant and good for baking. Use parchment paper anytime you don't want something you cook in the oven to stick to the pan. Use silicone sheets as you would parchment paper.

Do not use waxed paper, parchment paper, or a silicon mat on the top of the stove. They will melt and/or burn.

There are some baked goods, e.g. sponges, that require friction on the walls of the pan to rise.
Deb Reher - over a year ago
Don't use wax paper for coconut macaroons or you will have more fiber than you want with each cookie.
Shelley Tiffany - over a year ago
Do NOT use waxed paper if you are making homemade almond roca candy. The paper will not peel off the bottom. It was a frustrating lesson to learn for me.
Laura Marie Roberts - over a year ago
Ha! I was just asking my mother if there was any significant difference in the two! Perfect timing! I would like to know WHEN you SHOULDNT use silicone mats!
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