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#Spanish cuisine Recipes

A delicious bowl of Salmerojo (chilled tomato soup) topped with serrano ham, chopped hard-boiled egg and croutons ready to be enjoyed


Incredibly delicious, this tasty chilled soup is perfect to serve on hot summer days!

A gorgeous paella made with fresh ingredients, seasonings and lots of shrimp.


This colorful, delicious and easy recipe is perfect to make during the Holidays or any ...

A beautiful paella with calamari rings, mussels, clams, prawns and scallops


This amazing dish is packed with colorful and flavorful ingredients! It's perfect for special occasions ...

A combination of stewed vegetables

Pisto Manchego

This classic dish is a tasty combination of perfectly cooked and seasoned vegetables. It's a ...

Refreshing, well-seasoned, delicious and healthy, this cold soup is perfect to serve on a hot summer day.

Sopa Ajoblanco • White Gazpacho

Refreshing, well-seasoned, delicious and healthy, this cold soup is perfect to serve on a hot ...

A fish fillet topped with a red sauce and garnished with slivered almonds and roasted red peppers.

Romesco Sauce

This is an amazing recipe packed with flavor! The smokiness of it pairs beautifully with ...

Blanched almonds in a bowl next to skin-on almonds.

Blanched Almonds • How to

A great trick to know for recipes like Romesco Sauce, Sole Almondine, Ajoblanco Sopa or ...

A seafood dish with rice served on a white plate.

Spanish Paella

This delicious Mediterranean recipe is loaded with delicious flavor. This is the perfect elegant dish ...

Gazpacho in 2 orange bowls with a spoon and white napkins on the black table mat.

Spanish Gazpacho

Amazingly flavorful, this refreshing classic Southern Spanish cold soup is the perfect dish during the ...

Wine glasses filled with sangria and a pitcher in the background with sunglasses.

Spanish Sangria

This refreshing Spanish Sangria is perfect on hot summer days! Smooth and fruity but not ...