please try! nuked corn on the cob, no shucking!

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If you do nothing else today, please try this unbelievably easy method for cooking corn on the cob in the microwave! No shucking, no heavy, hot pans of boiling water. Just absolutely delicious corn on the cob, on your plate in 4 minutes. By steaming it in its husk, it actually picks up the flavor of corn cooked in the husk on the grill, but with absolutely no work. So good and so easy! Great if you have a limited amount of time for lunch or for 1-4 people. Try with my flavored butters for corn, for an incredible light lunch or snack.

cook time 5 Min
method Microwave

Ingredients For please try! nuked corn on the cob, no shucking!

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    ear of corn, left in the husk with silk

How To Make please try! nuked corn on the cob, no shucking!

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    Place entire unshucked ear of corn in the microwave... husk, silk and all.
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    Microwave for 4 minutes. (Increase time if doing more than one ear.)
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    Remove from microwave. Caution... it will be hot. (I used my rubber, kitchen dish washing gloves.)
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    This is the amazing part! Stand the corn up in the sink vertically, with the silk facing up and the stalk end balancing in the sink. Run warm water over the top silk end and gently start to peel. The water will instantly wash away any silk and husk. Break off husk from ear at bottom and you're ready to eat!
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    My father-in-law (...a corn farmer), told me about this last night and I didn't believe him until now. It tastes so much better than boiled. Great for small families, empty-nesters or retirees who don't want to lift heavy pans of boiling water. Recipes for flavored butters follow in the comments section. Give it a try... you'll never go back to boiled again!
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    If you prefer, before cooking, you can cut off each end and then peel off only the outer layers of husk then rinse. I find it's nice to do this in the morning and then place in a large zip lock bag until ready to cook in the evening.