Honest Jam frozen or fresh fruit in bread machine

Caroline Mgawe


I wanted just one jar of jam without chemicals and tons of sugar, just jam from honest fruit. I did not want hours of peeling, stirring and canning, ending up with 10 jars of the same jam. Instead: 10 minutes waiting for defrost, 5 minutes preparing, 90 minutes in the bread machine, and you have fabulous jam! No issues with shelf life. It will all be eaten well before it creates life ;-)
Alternative tips: raspberries and half a vanilla pod (sliced open); fresh apricots and honey to taste instead of sugar; plums and fresh figs; cherries with a splash of liqueur.

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1 jar
15 Min
1 Hr 30 Min
Bread Machine


1 c
frozen halved plums
2 c
frozen mixed berries
lemon, juice only
1/4 c
cane sugar
1 tsp
bio apple pectin (supermarket)


1Put the fruit on a flat surface to defrost a little, or half-defrost quicker in a bain-Marie water bath. Don't wait until it's all wet and mushy. Your bread machine will start with 10 minutes or so of heating anyway.
2Cut one third of the lemon (or half a small lemon) and squeeze it in the breadpan of the bread machine.
3Put all ingredients in the breadpan of the bread machine.
4Switch on the bread machine and put it on jam setting. It's ready when it beeps. My machine needs 1 hour 20 minutes.
5I always pour boiling water in the jam jar and lid, then dry it. Pour jam in the jar (gloves or towel to do this!). Screw on lid. Turn upside down and let it cool. It's cleaner and able to keep a while before opening this way. There should be enough left to eat some with bread or yoghurt while it's warm!

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Course/Dish: Jams & Jellies
Main Ingredient: Fruit
Regional Style: English