Fresh garden, and papaya salsa

Cindy Rice


Went to the grocery store last week..was in the produce section..
A very large plastic jar of "GARDEN FRESH" Mexican salsa, caught my attention..I put it in the costs 5.99$ a up to the check out..when an idea hit me..
I can my tomatoes, and all kinds of other things..why not make my own salsa..:) so I told the lady that I didn't want that jar of salsa..:)
I ended up making a Mexican dish the next day, which inspired me to get started on my salsa..
I had never made salsa hard could it be..??
So I created my very own..for the first time ever..and not any help


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Stove Top


  • 4 large
    tomatoes, garden fresh
  • 1/2-3/4 large
  • 1 medium
    green pepper
  • 1/2 large
  • 1-2 small
    jalepeno pepper
  • 3 tsp
    creole seasoning
  • ·
    apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp
  • 1 tsp

How to Make Fresh garden, and papaya salsa


  1. THIS IS EASY: :)
  2. Take 2 very large garden fresh tomatoes, wash dirt off them, and core..
  3. Place in blender..( or food processor..) blend on liquefy setting..til liquified.. Lol
  4. Add your creole seasonings,cumen, and your sugar to liquified tomatoes..blend a little more to incorporate your seasonings through out..
  5. Taste..( yummy..)
    Place in a sauce pan.. Bring to boil, turn heat down and simmer for 30 minutes...stirring occasionally ....till thickened up a bit..( it does thicken, just not a lot..)
  6. Turn off burner, set aside and let cool..
  7. Meanwhile , prepare your remaining tomatoes , jalepeno s, and onions, etc...while sauce is simmering..:) dice onions small, jalepeno much smaller, and your papaya diced fairly large( not huge..the orangey chunks in photo are papaya.. That'll give you an idea....what ever sz you wish really..depends on if you like your salsa chunky or not..:)
  8. Chop your tomatoes, onions, jalepeno s,green peppers( if putting them in), and papaya, ( dice your papaya a little larger then the can dice veggies, according to your sz preference) ..
  9. Place all in bowl..sprinkle a little creole seasonings, and a little cumen in...and a few splashes of apple cider vinegar..
  10. Place in sauce pan..bring to boil..turn down heat, and summer till veggies are tender, but not cooked all the way through..salsa consistency..( you may have to taste test to determine salsa
    Roughly( guessing ) 20-30 min..give or take( I didn't time it)
  11. When in colander and drain..
    Shake colander a few in a bowl to mix and cool..
  12. Now, take your cooled down, yummy, tomatoey sauce and stir in about 3-4 TBL. Of it, to the veggie mix.,
  13. Add a few twists of the sea salt..stir. Done:)
  14. Taste..keep in mind that the creole seasoning and the cumen go a very long can always add more heat if needed..but remember..less is better as you have the heat from the jalepeno s to consider also...
  15. Before you adjust according to taste..make sure your tomato sauce has been stirred in first..
    Also add a few( very little) sprinkles of garlic powder..barely so as there is only the slightest hint..
  16. Stir, jar up, and refridgerate..also, keep in mind, that while this is setting overnight in the fridge..your flavors are gonna get stronger as they have a chance to meld together better..:)
  17. I mixed this according to the way I like it..tomato, pap at ratio is larger then onion ration( not fond of raw onions), and a little jalepeno goes a long first time I made this I left out the green pepper..I did put some in the second batch..either way is good..your choice..:)
  18. And lastly..?
    After sitting over night in fridge...ENJOY!
    Unless you can't let it set in fridge for at least a couple of hrs..
    Makes 20 oz.b
  19. The rest of the sauce you can jar up and save it to create something else really yummy..:)
    Like I did..:) I used it to make my chille last night..:)
  20. NOTE: after it had refridgerated..adjust taste as desired..or if it is great..?? Just grab whatever and start dipping..:)

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