Blender B-B-Q Sauce (No tomato & SCD compliant)

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By C C
from Seattle, WA

This delicious BBQ sauce made my kid & I very happy with our bun-less burgers tonight. Turns out it wasn’t too hard to come up with a BBQ sauce with the few ingredients my kid is able to currently eat. This is quick, easy & really tasty. Lovely color & thick consistency. For those who can’t do tomatoes, you won’t even miss them in this sauce!

prep time 5 Min
method Blend


  •   1/3 c
    lime juice
  •   1/2 c
    honey (grease the measuring cup so it comes out easily)
  •   1.5-2 Tbsp
    coconut oil (other oil of choice may be used, but may separate more easily)
  •   1 Tbsp
    smoked paprika (mine is mccormick brand from costco)
  •   1 Tbsp
    ancho chili powder (i get from penzeys)
  •   1 tsp
    finely ground black pepper
  •   2 tsp
    granulated garlic (penzeys and mccormick brands are both scd legal)
  •   2 tsp
    granulated onion (penzeys & mccormick brands are both scd legal)
  •   1
    scant teaspoon salt

How To Make

  • 1
    Combine all ingredients in a blender & purée on high. (I use a Vitamix & let it run on high for about a minute to let it get really smooth consistency.) Makes close to a cup. You could easily double or triple the recipe.
  • 2
    Enjoy! This makes a great B-B-Q sauce for dipping, too. Feel free to add some cayenne pepper if you want more of a bite. This is flavorful, but fairly mild when it comes to heat.