Butter the many life it can DO

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From covering our toast in the morning; slather it on pancakes,waffles or French toast; mix it into mashed or baked potatoes; grease baking pans with it; bake with it; and pouring it over popcorn. And as any true American knows "Food always tastes better with butter"

But butter has so many more lives:


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How to Make Butter the many life it can DO


  1. Get Rid of Ink Stains on Plastic: Rub butter on the stain and let it sit out in the sun. After a few days of soaking up the rays, wipe clean with soap and water.
  2. Get Rid of Pesky Watermarks on Wood: Rub butter into the affected area and let it sit overnight. Wipe it with a towel in the morning.
  3. Make Cheese Last Longer: Coat the cut edge of a hard cheese with butter. It will prevent the molding process that comes all too quickly otherwise.
  4. Making onion last longer: Only using half of an onion and don't want to waste it? Nix the plastic baggy -- spread some butter on it and wrap it in aluminum foi
  5. Stop Water from Boiling Over: Drop a tablespoon of butter into a pot that's boiling over.
  6. Cut Sticky Foods: Pies and brownies stick to the knife all too often. Remedy this by coating the knife in butter before serving up dessert.
  7. Get Sticky Stuff Off Your Skin: Can't stand the feeling of sap or glue on your hands? Rub butter on the sticky part before you wash your hands. Rub hands with a towel, and then use water.
  8. Remove Gum From Hair: Rub butter into the affected area and let it absorb. (This is a good alternative to rubbing in peanut butter.) Gently wipe away with a cloth.
  9. Prevent Bruising: If you've ever thought, "that's gonna leave a mark," this one's for you. The phosphates in butter help prevent bruising, much like a raw steak does.
  10. Nails: Do you have weak, brittle & dry nails? No need to buy expensive nail oils. Instead, rub butter on the nail beds before bedtime and put on some cotton gloves. In the morning, you should see improvements in your nail strength.
  11. Soothe Dry Skin: If you're in a pinch, butter is a great substitute for creams and lotions. You can even use it as a shaving cream.
  12. Remove a Tight Ring: No need to rush to the jeweler if your ring won't budge -- apply butter to the area and it'll (hopefully) slip right of
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