Mom's classic Stuffing by freda



This stuffing is my mom's favorite, So its definately a classic.
Plus my daughters "SIMPLE SECRET" version. She says she has been asked for her secret, I am now Sharing her version also.
Very easy to Make, and can be used with any dinner as a side dish doesn't have to be TURKEY, can be pork chicken or beef.

Only difference is I left out her giblets.

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10 cups or a 12Lb Bird
20 Min
30 Min


1 cup
3 Cups
diced celery ( i use lots)
2 Cups
chopped onions (i use lots)
11/ 4 Cup
parsley chopped & minced ( optional)
21/3 tsp
3 tsp
poultry seasoning
1 tsp
1/2 tsp
18 Cups
dry cubed bread
3 eggs
if you feel you need added moisture feel free to use 1/2- 3/4 c chicken or turkey broth.


1in a large 8 qt pan,
add butter, Melt over med heat.
Add Celery and Onion cook about 10 min stir often to saute well.
Add Seasonings,
Mix well.
2Remove from heat
add Bread and eggs
Toss well, but only til all incorporated
(if you feel you want more liquid in your stuffing feel free to add the Chicken broth) But not too much
Fluff with a fork.
Stuff bird,
place in a pam spray's Casserole dish and bake at 300 Degrees about 20 min. Covered
Remove from oven and fluff with fork.
3This makes about 10 cups of stuffing, or enough for a 12-14 lb turkey.
4SIMPLE TIP and Version:
My Daughters "simple version", Her secret:
Use my version above, sauteing the celery and onions in the butter, (except omitEGGS & bread crumbs)
add "stove Top" in stead of bread.
Now, Follow the stove top directions on the Pkg at this point.
Boiling water or Broth, TOSS Just to Incorporate, FLUFF (Do not Over MIX) with a Long Tined Fork as above.
2 Pkg stove stop
and you'll be amazed how good this is.
She has been asked for her recipe. . . Enjoy both versions. Makes a large Batch. you can use 1/2 the recipe for a family of 4-5.