Whipped cream strawberries

Grace Gniazdowska


You can not go wrong with berries just don't add too much sugar. Berries taste best when you can still taste the original flavor, especially berries from a farm stand. If you go with a small portion use a glass of heavy cream, if you are making the whole container of berries use the big carton of cream.

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10 Min


1 box
strawberries, or any berries
2 Tbsp
1 large
heavy farmer cream
1 pkg
dr. oetkers vanilla sugar, or fresh vanilla
1 pinch


1Use farm fresh heavy cream (or any heavy cream) with a little bit of sugar, vanilla and a pinch of salt to make whipped cream. Whip on high with a mixer until you see it get fluffy and thicken significantly.
2If you are making just for one portion: Smash fresh strawberries and sugar in a cup just enough for the berries to release their sweet juicy nectar and look like pure with chunks. Gently add/fold in the whipped cream to the strawberries.

Don't just throw everything in together because it will just be moosh.
If you are making the whole box of berries: use a hand mixer but leave small chunks, then pour in to a bowl and gently add the whipped cream.

My grandma would make this for me with raspberries, some times with blueberries, depends on what we had. All are different and very delicious.
3Dress it up and decorate as you wish, you may even leave some whipped cream white for contrast to put on top or make a swirl.

If you don't have heavy cream they are delicious with sour cream too :)