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A delicious banana bread with a secret(and nutritious ingredient!!!).Easy,yummy,healthy...Try it!!!!!

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20 pieces
1 Hr
40 Min


bananas and their peels
2 1/2 c
all purpose flour
2 c
brown sugar, light
1 1/2 c
oats, regular
1\2 c
macadamia nuts, chopped
1 tsp
cinnamon, ground
1 Tbsp
baking powder
1 pinch
baking soda
1 c
raisins without seeds
1 tsp
vanilla extract
100 g
butter, melted
1 c
chocolate chips
2 Tbsp
strong coffee(liquid)
1 Tbsp
cocoa, unsweetened
1 tsp

How to Make Banabread


  • 1First of all peel the bananas and wash their peelings with a clean little brush in current water from your tap.Cut into small pieces as well as the fruit itself.
  • 2Get the blender,put the banana and the peel,add the eggs,the melted butter and the teaspoon of honey.Mix well,until it is smooth.
  • 3In a separated bowl mix all the other ingredients,sifting carefully.Let the raisins and macadamia for the end,just before the baking powder and the baking soda.Add the blender mixture and start stirring with a wood spoon,until it is all beautifully together.
  • 4Grease a medium baking sheet bread with butter and sprinkle a little of oat around its inside.Drop the mixture and turn on the oven in 240ºC. It´s going to take around 40 minutes to be baked.Although,use the stick technique in order to check if it is already firmly but softly baked.
  • 5While it is cooling down,make some tiny rolls using a firk on the bred surface, then ,once in a while, pour some sweetned warm milk over it,in order to provide a smoother crost in the end.
  • 6When it´s still warm ,take out from the baking sheet and sieve some confectioner sugar over it.Another idea is to decorate with some Nutella cream.
  • 7The best tip of all:serve with a generous portion of vanilla ice cream,and dare your family not to lick their lips and desperately ask for another portion!!!!!

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