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Cracking the Secret to Perfect Eggs

Heather Stepniewski's Savory Egg Cups

This time of year eggs seem to be everywhere! If I'm not whipping up a batch of scrambled eggs for the morning rush, then I'm coaxing them into the form of the perfect Sunday Brunch quiche. And if your family is anything like mine, you take your breakfast time seriously. (By the way, we recently fell in love with member Heather Stepniewski's simple Ham, Egg & Cheese Cups. Yum!)

Our breakfast devotion is especially evident around holidays, so with Easter right around the corner our friend the egg is elevated to top mealtime billing! Brightly colored hard-boiled eggs decorate the table, our baskets and our plates. Here's what I've been told is a sure-fire way to get a perfectly hard-boiled finished product:

• Try to use room temperature eggs that are free of any cracks and are about 4 days old. They end up being easiest to peel.

• Fill a pan with just enough cold water to cover eggs.

• Gently place eggs into the water to form a single layer - If eggs are layered on top of each other they will cook unevenly... and no one wants an odd egg!

• Bring water JUST to a rapid boil over high heat. As soon it reaches a rapid boil, remove pan from burner and cover tightly.

• Let eggs rest, covered - for apx. 17 minutes - then place them in a bath of ice cubes or cold water. This stops the cooking process and gives you that perfectly done egg!

• After about 10 minutes the eggs can be removed from their icy bath and are ready to be peeled, eaten or colored!

Good luck with your eggsperimenting! And remember, if things don't turn out just the way you'd like, have no fear.... there are more than enough marshmallow eggs to go around.

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Polly mull - Jun 3, 2012
I use the same recipe for perfect hard boiled eggs except I let the eggs remain in the hot water for 24 minutes.
Rita Snyder - May 10, 2010
Great Tip for peeling a egg is to take a table spoon ( SMALL SPOON you eat with) crack the egg on the small end put the spoon against the egg under the shell follow the underneath of the shell next to egg end the shell will come right off I have been doing this for 40 yrs and it does work hard to explain though!!!
Karen Baumgarten - May 8, 2010
I have found that if you can find eggs that are a little older, they peel so much easier than the "fresh" eggs. Also, after you put them in the ice water for a few minutes, peel right away, otherwise the membrane will re-attach itself to the egg again and make it harder to peel.
Lisa Turner - May 7, 2010
The boiling rapid only 1 minute and covering to sit (I time at 20 minutes) makes the perfect boiled egg. You ever split open a boiled egg and notice a greenish color between the yolk and white. Well this method prevents that greenish discoloring.
Relda Sibley - Apr 8, 2010
My expecrience has been that after the ice water bath, drain the water from the pan, put the lid back on and vigorously shake the pan for several seconds. The eggs will all but slide from the cracked shells on their own!
angela waller - Apr 4, 2010
we put salt in the water and bring the water to a boil and boil them for 10 min then remove from the burner and place in cool water and the eggs peel very easy
Mayamarie H - Apr 3, 2010
I never knew how to boil an egg properly
Stephania Biddings - Apr 3, 2010
Thanks for the idea! I am making eggs for my nieces's kids this year; as my two are in college. This will definitely make things easier.

Thanks again.
Rebecca Page - Mar 31, 2010
For easy peeling, I pour 1/4 cup of white vinegar into the cooking water. It works wonders!