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Sweeten Your Day with a Touch of Honey

Sweet Mornings with Mary Berry Smoothies

Aspartame, saccharin, high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, stevia, refined sugar.... What's a sweet, healthy gal to do?! I've got a hankering for a natural sweet-tooth satisfier that doesn't pack on the guilt. Who's with me?

Enter: Honey. That's right, that little plastic bear sitting on your grandma's pantry shelf was there for more than just decoration.

Curiosity recently got the better of me - as it's wont to do - and I set out to learn more about the sweet stuff. What I discovered is a colorful history that goes back to ancient times. Honey appears in ancient - even Biblical - texts and continues to hold religious significance for numerous religious groups.... from celebrating the New Year to representing immortality!

And while I found that honey contains only tiny amounts of vitamins and minerals, it is believed to be a great source of healthy antioxidants and has been used to enhance health throughout the ages. Now that's quite a reputation!

Member Mary Leanderts of West Allis, WI uses the sweet stuff to brighten up her smoothie recipes. Her Blue Ribbon Mary Berry Smoothie is a delightful way to get your morning jump-started, and the honey adds just the perfect texture and touch of sweetness. Medina, TN resident Pam Martin-Allen, on the other hand, shoots for sweet perfection with her savory Honey Baked Ham recipe. It is, quite simply, one of the best methods of preparing ham that I've ever tried!

With all of its flavor and all its vast history, I sure have gained a new-found respect for the natural goodness honey brings to our table. I hope that you, too, are inspired to sweeten your day by giving your favorite honey a squeeze.

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Cindy Parrish - over a year ago
All that other fake sweetener stuff gives me migranes! As soon as I eat them! That to me tells me it is bade for me. I will stick to Honey and real sugars!!!
What fun information!
Katherine Yarber - over a year ago
I SO agree about the honey! It is wonderful stuff. But... I'm confused as to why the Stevia got lumped in with the junk sugars when it is a natural sweetening plant.
NADINE REID - over a year ago
"GIVE YOUR FAVORITE HONEY A SQUEEZE" Honestly Janet! You crack me up!
Della Anderson - over a year ago
u can sub honey in recipes by reducing liquids, have same baking qualities as sugar...i make egg nog for my morning hot cereal with eggs,honey, condenced milk..no other sweetening and ur protein all in one
Paul Bushay - over a year ago
Hey Diabetics honey is a natural sweetener we can have! Throw away the artificial crap!
shirley reeve - over a year ago
hi,my names is shirley im new to this club i love to hear about home remendies,honey also help sooth sunburn,just applyon sun burn and it takes away the burning
Rebecca Haughn - over a year ago
I too love honey it is a good thing when I am trying to maintain my blood pressure. I don't need any sweeteners in the smoothies, it is all fruit. I like my honey on my puffed wheat cereal in the morning.
Dona Duncan - over a year ago
I have heard that honey is also the only food that won't spoil. It may crystalize but a little heat will set it straight. My grandmother also told me that honey is a natural antibiotic. You can use it on scrapes and such.
Dan Hammond - over a year ago
I can't agree more on the honey thing...I use it as my sweetner in coffee and I use it everywhere possible as I'm constantly training for triathlons, etc and it is so very healthy over processed sugar...by the way, I too have heard that local, unprocessed honey, carries local pollen or such that helps your immune system gear up to fight allergies that are based on the same local pollens!! Gotta love that honey!!!
Pauline Greenwood - over a year ago
i've heard that if you use honey that is local to your area (within about 5 miles or so) that it helps relieve allergies. i could use that right about now! :-)
Pam Sanders - over a year ago
I love honey, and use it everyday in my tea and when I eat oatmeal, it is rather delicious in there with a little butter and milk. Try it You'll love it!
anna ekback - over a year ago
hello all im new and already think this site is just wonderful. as to honey- not only is it great as a sweetener, but it very good in your beauty routine, 1 to try is a body scrub -1c sugar to 2Tbsp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon mix well and rub all over your damp body rinse well. honey is a moisture magnet.