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Just A Pinch Members Create Easter Menus Using Their Recipe Box

Last week, we asked a group of Premium Perks Members to compile their favorite Easter recipes and share their menu. It could include their recipes, one from a favorite cook they follow or even a third-party Pinch.

What members shared, made our mouth's in the Test Kitchen start to water. Are you still looking for Easter recipes? Maybe one of these menus will inspire you!

Wonder how they created and shared their menus? Through their recipe box!

You can choose different icons when adding custom folders to your recipe box.

Create Folder on Desktop
Create Folder on Mobile

You can save recipes to any custom folder from the recipe box "gear" icon.

Or if you come across a recipe while browsing the site, simply "Pinch It" then "Save To Folder."

Pinch to a Folder

Don't worry about saving a recipe twice to the same folder. If you've already saved the recipe, you'll see a green star showing you which folder it's in.

If you're a Premium Perks Member, have fun with this feature.

And the best part is that you can share your custom Recipe Box folders with anyone, anywhere!

Sharable Page

If you're not a Premium Perks Member, check out our three month membership to give it a try (there's a bunch of other perks too!).

Learn more about Premium Perks here.

Happy Easter!

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Susan Feliciano - Apr 4, 2015
These are some great menus, and I felt honored to be chosen to share mine. Food and memories always go hand in hand. God bless everyone this Easter!

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Carol Junkins - Apr 3, 2015
Thank you again for choosing me to participate in our Easter Dinners Kitchen Crew, was very honored , I think the Easter dinner is the easiest Holiday meal of them all ~~~ We enjoy it and Mom gets more time to be with family , easy meal ~~~
Rose Mary Mogan - Apr 2, 2015
I truly enjoyed looking at all the wonderful menu ideas and Recipes that everyone plans to serve for Easter, some of them gives me ideas for other holidays as well. Thank you for doing this & sharing with us. What a Brilliant idea. Thanks JUST A PINCH CREW MEMBERS. HAPPY EASTER