Get Fresh: Veggie Favorites! Winner Announced!

Get Fresh: Veggie Favorites!


Diane Atherton x12
PINE MOUNTAIN, GA (pop. 1,304)
Member Since Aug 2011

Congratulations to Diane Smith of Pine Mountain, GA! Her Dee Dee's South of the Border Corn Pudding took top honors in the Just A Pinch Get Fresh: Veggie Favorites Contest.

"Nothing brings summer to the table like fresh vegetables out of the garden. Hope you enjoy this loaded corn pudding!"

For her outstanding veggie creation Diane wins a $500 gardening gift package. Thanks to all of you who opened up their recipe boxes and let their veggies shine - they were outstanding!!!

Additional congrats go to our runners-up:
Spicy Gazpacho - Sandra McGrath of Harrisville, RI
"Summertime is such a great opportunity, to take advantage of the bounty and availability of tomatoes and cucumbers. I find this a refreshing change to the usual picnic fare (although I will never give up my cookout dishes!). It's both tasty and healthy."

Roasted Beet Salad with Honey Dijon Vinaigrette - Susan Bickta of Kutztown, PA
"This delicious salad is a combination of three of my favorite salads. I like to make this during the holidays because it is so colorful. I almost called it "Bejeweled Roasted Beet Salad" because of all of the jewel-tone colors!"

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Bob Cooney - over a year ago
WAY to GO Diane... Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so HAPPY for You! :)
Colleen Sowa - over a year ago
Congratulations again! Love this recipe... the kids asked when could we make it again! xo
Diane Atherton - over a year ago
Congratulations you to too Sandra! Just got my request as well. Very exciting to be an honorary member of the kitchen crew!

Good luck with your annual cookoff! I'll be rootin for you!
Sandra McGrath - over a year ago
Just got my request also to become a member of the honorary kitchen crew! I am so excited!
Diane and Susan congratulations as well.Love my chefs hat.My friend Linda and I have started a tradition of a cook-off at our annual Halloween Party between her and I. The guests vote not knowing who made which dish.Last year she won and I was runner up. I hope to win this year. I am beginning to collect a few ribbons and trophies and having such fun.Stay calm and cook on!
Nor Mac - over a year ago
Congratulations on the Blue Ribbon
Diane Atherton - over a year ago
Thank you Toni!! You are always so kind! Hugs!
Toni T - over a year ago
Diane, I have enjoyed your recipes ever since I became a member. You certainly are deserving of another Blue Ribbon. Thank you for sharing out of your kitchen.
Diane Atherton - over a year ago
Thank you Brenda!! I'm still doing the happy dance here. We put the composter together a couple of days ago. So excited about it, can't wait till next spring to get my gardens going again.
Brenda Watts - over a year ago
Congratulatins Diane!! AWESOME NEWS!!..Time to Put the Tap Shoes On ...
"IT'S HAPPY DANCE TIME"...WooHOOO...This Recipe Is AWESOME...So Happy for You :-)
Diane Atherton - over a year ago
Thank you Colleen!!
Colleen Sowa - over a year ago
Congratulations! Love this! xo
Diane Atherton - over a year ago
Thank you Helene!!! It's been very exciting to say the least. :)
Helene Mulvihill - over a year ago
Oh Diane how wonderful!!! Congratulations on a fantastic prize for a fantastic recipe!!!
Diane Atherton - over a year ago
Look what came by UPS just a few minutes ago! I haven't taken a picture of the composter or wheel barrow yet, Jimmy is going to put those together for me tomorrow. We are both very excited to say the least! And I am truly honored to be an honorary kitchen crew member! I wasn't expecting that. Such an exciting day! Thank you! Heart you!!!

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Diane Atherton - over a year ago
So awesome Susan! I'll post pictures too, when prize arrives. I'm so excited for all of us! YAY!