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Heat Things Up for Your Memorial Day Cookout!

Cool, Spicy Tinga Hamburguesas!

It may not technically be summer yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it feel like it is!

Though we often find ourselves dodging raindrops and donning our best warm sweaters for Memorial Day, things can really heat up when you’ve got the right menu.

Cooking out is always fun, but we love to twist things up from time to time with Veronica Callaghan’s recipe for Tinga Hamburguesas! Just the name alone sends warm breezes through my hair! Made from a combination of ground beef and spicy chorizo sausage, each zesty hamburger patty is laced with fresh cilantro, thyme and oregano. And that’s just for starters!

“This delicious burger was inspired by Mexican tinga, a shredded meat dish that is often made with pork, chicken or beef cooked with chorizo and served with avocado and tomato,” explains Veronica. “The spicy mouthful of a burger is cooled off with a tangy slaw accented with lime juice and Cotija cheese.”

Ah, yes… Don’t forget the slaw! Veronica’s wonderfully unique version mixes cabbage with crisp red onion, lime, jalapeno, cheese and sour cream. It’s the perfect cooling accompaniment to the spicy burger.

For a fun, down-home cool down, you’ll also want to try Pamela Floyd’s Frito Corn Salad. Classic with a twist, this family recipe is a sure-fire hit.

“Not long after [my niece] was married, she and her husband had the family come for lunch. They had fixed lots of good food, but this salad seemed to be the favorite of everyone,” recalls Pamela. “Now our whole family makes it thanks to my sweet niece.”

It’s no wonder this recipe is so beloved; it’s full of color, crunch and flavor. Made from just five ingredients – Miracle Whip, two types of corn, cheese and zesty corn chips – this salad is as easy as it is delicious. Add in fresh peppers for some extra seasonal flair, and your guests will be asking you for the recipe, too!

Carry the theme of easy, breezy summer food straight through to dessert with a heaping helping of Susan Bickta’s Hawaiian Dream Trifle. Trifles are a terrific choice for outdoor entertaining because they are easy to prepare yet impressive to serve.

“I love the combined flavors of pineapple, toasted coconut and macadamia nuts,” explains Susan, “so I combined these flavors with angel food cake and coconut cream pudding for a light ‘tropical’ dessert.”

As a time-saving shortcut, use instant pudding and pre-made cake from the grocery store. Your guests will be so awed by the beautiful, golden layers of your dessert that they’ll never be the wiser.

Instead of the usual, try a little something extraordinary for your celebrations this year… Warm or cold, wet or dry, nothing tastes better than special food shared with special friends.

Happy Memorial Day!