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Creative Halloween Sweets That Are a Treat

Chocolate Spider Treats

Halloween isn’t just for the kiddos. While my trick or treating days are over, this year I’m enjoying the holiday by heading to a party. I’ve put together my costume and thought it would be fun to bring along a fun Halloween themed dessert.

“This tried and true recipe for jam-filled cookies has been loved in my family since the 1950’s,” explains Maureen Haddock of her Yo-Yo Cookies Reshaped for Halloween.

Maureen’s cookies are wonderful. The cookie itself is a simple sugar cookie with a hint of honey. She reinvents the recipe by sandwiching fruit preserves in-between two cookies. If you want to get creative, try a different filling like frosting, peanut butter or hazelnut spread. Licorice pieces form spider legs and create an adorable Halloween cookie.

Jenni K. (Carlton, MN) used a combination of recipes she found to create cute Chocolate Covered Cherry Mice. These little critters are such a hit anytime or any place you take them.

The body of the mouse is made from a maraschino cherry covered in chocolate. The face is a chocolate kiss with melted chocolate for eyes and a nose. The result is adorable. They’re almost too pretty to eat… almost.

Colleen Sowa’s (La Crosse, WI) Witch’s Hands is something she’s been making since she was a girl. “My mother used to go all out for every holiday,” shares Colleen. “One year my daughter and I made 300 of these hands to give out for trick or treaters… a fun project and something different to hand out.”

Very easy to make, these hands are a little creepy but fun for adults too. Save time and use your favorite store-bought popcorn. Cheese balls or puffs would work too.

“This is a great Halloween cookie,” says Teresa Jacobson (Jacksonville, FL) of her Spooky Eyeball Cookies. “I created this recipe as a spooky treat for my nephews last year. It creeped them out but not enough to stop them from eating them all!”

Not overly sweet, the cookies remind us of shortbread with a hint of almond flavor. Different colored frostings create the spooky eyeball effect. These are fun and guaranteed to put everyone in the Halloween spirit.

Kids (big and small) are going to love Stacy Hutchinson’s (Lincoln, CA) Chocolate Spider Treats. Chocolate pudding is poured into the graham cracker crusts and then topped with chopped chocolate sandwich cookies. Colored candies and shoestring licorice create the look of the spider. They’re adorable and delicious.

Creative Halloween sweets are a fun way to celebrate Halloween. If you’re looking for more themed ideas, take a look at our Halloween recipes collection. They’ll bring smiles to all your little ghosts and goblins. Happy Pinching!