13 Fish Fry Recipes

There’s just something so magical about fried fish on a Friday night. Whether you chose fish fry, fish and chips or southern fried catfish, you can’t beat tender, flaky fish coated in batter and fried to a perfect golden brown. Great, now we’re drooling. Grab the ketchup or tartar sauce and get ready to enjoy!

Beer Battered Fish

“Beer Battered Fish made with fresh cod filets dipped in seasoned beer batter and fried until golden brown and crispy, EASY to make and ready in only a few minutes!” – Sabrina

Southern Fish Fry

“There’s nothing better than a Southern Fish Fry on a gorgeous sunny day.” – Lisa

Air Fryer Southern Fried Catfish

“My Air Fryer Southern Fried Catfish will knock your socks off with a perfectly crunchy Homemade Louisiana Style Fish Fry Mix.” – Jill

Fish and Chips

“Quick and easy these Fish and Chips are battered in a delicious beer batter and fried until golden. Served with steak fries this traditional English dish couldn’t get any better.” – Alli

Copycat Captain D’s Crunchy Battered Fish

“I’m in love with Captain’ D’s battered fish. OMGeee, you guys! It’s one of my biggest guilty pleasures, a huge pile of fried fish from Captain D’s! Ugh, it is just so glorious! Crispy battered flaky white fish that is moist inside, I don’t know if it can get much better than this! Now, with today’s CopyCat recipe you can make one of my biggest guilty pleasures right in your own kitchen! Come on…. you know you love this too!” – Dana

Beer Battered Tilapia Fish and Chips

“Crunchy beer battered fish and chips! Who doesn’t like chunks of white flaky tilapia dipped in a beer batter and fried to a golden perfection? Season with sea salt and black pepper with a side of ketchup.” – Gerry

Delicious Oven Fried Cod

“Yum! Deliciously crunchy fish without all the fat. My kids love when I make my fish this way. So easy too…always a plus! I’ve used this coating on many different kinds of fish. It’s great on all.” – Cassie

Fish Fry Recipe

“Try this delicious and easy to make Fish Fry Recipe with homemade french fries and an amazing tartar sauce recipe.” – Billy

Southern Fried Cat Fish

“Classic Southern Fried Catfish dipped in buttermilk and breaded in spicy seasoned cornmeal and fried to perfection.” – Imma

Best Ever British Beer Battered Fish and Chips

“The success of this dish all rests on the batter. Every chippy has it’s own ‘secret’ recipe, so what I have done is tried to work out what makes a good, tasty, light and crispy batter, and this is what I’ve come up with.” – Mary

Crispy Oven Fried Fish

“So much better than frozen fish sticks! This Crispy Oven Fried Fish gets super crunchy and will be a new favorite for kids and adults alike.” – Nora

Baked Fish and Chips with Lemon Smashed Peas

“Baked Fish and Chips with Lemon Smashed Peas! They may be baked in the oven, but they’ve still got all the flavour and crunch of the fried version! Easily made gluten free too! A healthier alternative to traditional British fish and chips!” – Nicky

Fish and Chips Recipe

“The BEST fish and chips recipe this side of the Atlantic Ocean!” – Jocelyn