How to Make Egg-in-a-Hole

You may have also heard this breakfast recipe referred to as an egg in the basket or egg with a hat. This is a super easy and fun breakfast for the kids. Adults will love this too when looking for something besides a smoothie for breakfast. The bread gets nice and toasty, while the egg yolk stays runny.

What You'll Need

  • 1 slice of favorite bread
  • 1 large egg
  • Softened butter
  • Skillet
  • A glass or biscuit cutter
  • How to Make Egg in a Hole

    Step 1. Cut a hole in the bread, approximately 2 inches. A glass or biscuit cutter works great. Save the cutout circle.

    Step 2. Butter both sides of the bread.

    Step 3. Place the bread on a heated skillet. Add a pat of butter in the hole.

    Step 4. Crack an egg into the hole.

    Step 5. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

    Step 6. Flip and cook another 2 minutes (2 minutes for a runnier yolk; cook longer for a firmer yolk).

    Step 7. Butter both sides of the round center and brown in the skillet. Serve alongside the piece of bread.

    Step 8. Enjoy the egg-in-a-hole along with fresh fruit.

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    Mary R Morris - over a year ago
    I still eat these things I love them. My husband got to eat him after we were married. 25 years of eating. He still loves them, he likes to eat them late at night
    Russ Adams - over a year ago
    I love these SO much! I grew up on these and even after 30 years as a professional chef, it's still my favorite breakfast to make on my day off.

    I grew up calling it a "toad in the hole", but that's probably just a southern thing. :)
    Mary R Morris - over a year ago
    We call these when I was growing up my granny called them , One Eyed Bandit . I'll be 71 this year so they been around awhile
    tami mosdell - over a year ago
    I meant stove! lol
    CAROLYN LABOSSIERE - over a year ago
    Funny how there called different things depending on where your from. I make these quite often. And have always called them Birds in a Basket Or Eggs in a Nest. Love hearing what everyone calls them.
    Patricia Hazeltine - over a year ago
    My hubby calls them Mary Jane pies, he is from Indiana. I had never seen one on the West Coast where I am from. I put butter in the pan, drop in the cap and bread with a hole, fill the hole with a fresh egg, salt and pepper, flip it and the cap till desired doneness, flip again on to the plate and top with the cap. Just wonderful!!
    tami mosdell - over a year ago
    I also made these for my kids when they were little. Now my daughter has four girls who love them. She said she stands at the store forever making them when requested. lol They all love them like their momma did...
    Angie Wamsley - over a year ago
    I make these but, after they are fried add sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese and add avocado slices on top.
    Mel Kortlever - over a year ago
    We also made these and called them "Goldmine Sandwiches"
    Lu-Anne Conroy - over a year ago
    Because I am from New Jersey, we called
    this Egg in a Nest. My mom made these for me in the 60’s, and in turn I made these for my son when he was little. Both of my sisters made these for their kids too. We never got fancy with them.
    Just tear the middle out of the slice of bread, throw some butter in the pan, cook on one side, crack the egg in the middle, flip and cook on the other side.
    We just used the middle piece of
    bread for dipping. Brings back lots of good memories. Especially good on a
    cold winter day after playing in the snow.
    I see myself making these in the very
    near future.
    Donna Clark Coleman - over a year ago
    I too have had them since I was a child then my children and now granddoll loves them. I've always know it by both names though toad in a hole & egg in a nest. I believe the difference comes from what part of the country you're from.
    Divinitti Bliss - over a year ago
    I was taught this recipe by my MIL 25 years ago and she called them Gashouse eggs. Some of us eat yolk runny and some well done. Also great dipped in ketchup. Simple but delicious! Fam favorite.
    Janelle Martin - over a year ago
    I’ve known it as egg in a hole when I was growing up. I always made it for my kids and would use a cookie cutter in fun shapes that would fit with the size of the bread.
    Ann Hawkins - over a year ago
    I need to try this. Long ago when I was about 6 or 7, Mother would fix them in the oven. There were 5 of us children plus Mother and Daddy, so I guess the oven was the quickest way for that many. I have never been able to duplicate that satisfactorily. Does anyone know of the oven method?
    Judy Swanson - over a year ago
    Our family has always called them "Picture Framed Eggs". They are a special treat for breakfast. Now our grandkids are learning to love them too. The tradition continues!
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