How to Easily Fry an Egg Over Easy

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A fried egg is versatile. It’s delicious served alongside a potato hash and a must when making a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. There’s really no proper way to fry an egg. You’ll figure out what works best for you, but wanted to give you a starting point while you learn to master the fried egg.

Step 1.

Heat skillet to a medium-high heat with about 2 tsp of butter, oil or a combination of both.

Step 2.

Add the egg.

Step 3.

Cook for two to three minutes. You’ll want the sides to set and the yolks to thicken.

Step 4.

Loosen the edges of the cracked egg.

Step 5.

Flip and cook another minute (depending on how firm you like your yolk).

Step 6.

A perfectly fried egg.

Test Kitchen Tips

  • A non-stick skillet works best, but use what you like.
  • Fresh eggs are best for frying eggs.
  • Crack the egg into a cup first rather than cracking directly into the pan. This will help create a round egg and prevent any shells from getting into the pan.
  • Don’t let the pan get too hot or it will result in inconsistent cooking. The eggs should slightly sizzle when they hit the pan.
  • If flipping an egg scares you, try basting the egg with the oil from the pan. Once the whites begin to set, using a spoon pour the liquid over the egg white until they are set. A little oil on the yolk is OK, but try to avoid it.
  • For Eggs Sunny Side Up: If you like the egg sunny side up, skip steps 4 – 5. Take it out of the pan once the whites are white (no longer clear).
  • For Egg Over Firm: Follow step 5, but cook the egg for two-three minutes. You can lightly touch the yolk to check the firmness.