7 Fun Ways to Enjoy Watermelon This Summer

Summer is about days at the beach, picnics, fireflies, and watermelon. You know summer has arrived when watermelon starts popping up at the market. Let’s celebrate summer’s favorite fruit and check out 7 fun ways to enjoy watermelon.

Create a Watermelon Pitcher

Turn a watermelon into a drink pitcher at your next cookout. Hollow out the fruit (yummy snack for later), insert the tap and fill with your favorite beverage. Remember, anything you put inside will begin to taste like watermelon. Fill it with water, seltzer, lemonade, vodka or even tequila for a flavorful summer drink.

Make Adorable Fruit Skewers

Lauren from Tastes Better from Scratch made these adorable watermelon and blueberry fruit skewers for Fourth of July, but they’d be yummy at a Labor Day party (or any cookout for that matter). A fun and healthy dessert.

Relax on One

Ok … well technically you’re not relaxing on an actual watermelon, but float around the pool in an adorable watermelon float.

Turn It Into Ice Cubes

How refreshing would seltzer be with these adorable watermelon ice cubes keeping your drink cool? Gustina at Domestically Blissful posted these and we thought they looked too good not to share.

Have a Cocktail

Just A Pinch member Nor M. uses watermelon juice as the base for her Blue Ribbon Tropical Mist Cosmo. Watermelon juice adds some sweetness but it’s also tart thanks to the lime. Perfect for sippin’ on the porch or the beach.

Grill It

If you’ve never tried grilling watermelon, you’re missing out. It’s delicious! Kimberly at A Night Owl Blog, makes pineapple and watermelon kabobs that will make a fun summertime dessert.

Eat It Old School

Even with all the fun ways to enjoy watermelon during the summer, there’s something about biting into a slice on a hot day. Check out our Pinch Tip video and learn how to easily cut a watermelon. Click here to watch.