14 Baby Shower Gifts A Mom-to-Be Doesn’t Know She Needs to Register For

It’s a bit overwhelming when parents-to-be register for baby gifts. The basics anyone who has been around a baby knows. People are going to give the strollers, high chairs, blankets, etc, but what about those items parents don’t even realize they could use.

We asked a few new moms what things have become their “must-haves” that they didn’t think about (or know about) when registering. So, when you head to your next baby shower take these things into consideration when putting together your gift.

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Nasal Aspirator

You’ll hear moms refer to this as “The Snotsucker” and when a baby is sick it’s essential. The NoseFrida helps get rid of all the gunk in the nose in a natural way.

Travel High Chair

This is no ordinary high chair that sits in the kitchen. This is a portable high chair that securely attaches to nearly any table or bench. It enables parents to take their baby out to eat and not have to worry about clean high chairs (or if the restaurant even has a high chair).

Gripe Water

Gripe water is recommended by pediatricians to help with colic, hiccups, teething and more. All natural, it will help alleviate most tummy discomfort a baby may have.

Fashionable Diaper Bag

As much as every new mama is going to fight it, a diaper bag is going to become their new purse. So pick up a bag that’s stylish and practical.

Shopping Cart Cover

Let’s be honest… as an adult touching a shopping cart can be risky business. For kids who don’t know any better and constantly put their hands in their mouth, sitting in and touching one is an easy way to get sick. These covers will fit most carts and are easy to unfold. Bonus, it fits many high chairs too.

Disposable Changing Pads

There is no way a diaper is never going to need to be changed while on the go. These disposable changing pads let moms put the baby on the ground or a public changing table without worrying about germs.

Starter Library

Typically books aren’t on a registry. But, we love the idea of picking out books you loved as a kid (we’re partial to Curious George and the Berenstain Bears) for a gift. While they won’t be able to enjoy it right away, mom and baby will create great memories in the future.

Removable Placemats

When eating out, food will inevitably go all over the place. These placemats stick to the table preventing the child from grabbing something off a germ filled table.

Fresh Food Feeder

Enabling only small particles of food through, these mesh feeders allow the baby to gnaw on the food and prevent choking. Moms will use these when introducing their baby to solids or during teething. It’s a great way to amuse the baby while trying to get a few things done.

Diaper Sacks

Easy to throw into a diaper bag, these bags are a sanitary way to dispose of dirty diapers while out and about. They have tie handles to seal in wetness and a powder scent to hide the smell of what’s inside.

Pacifier Wipes

Babies attempt to put everything in their mouths. These pacifier wipes let you safely wipe down pacifiers, toys, cups… anything that may have fallen on the floor. They are 100% food grade so no need to worry about harsh chemicals if the baby goes to put the toy in their mouth again.

White Noise Machine

White noise is soothing and supposedly helps babies sleep. This portable machine can move to wherever the baby is sleeping. Also, it’s Bluetooth enabled so anything from a phone can be played. Check out the app store on your phone, too, for white noise apps.

Munchkin the Medicator

Nothing is worse than having to administer medicine to a sick baby. Instead of using a syringe, try this gadget. Designed by a pediatrician, it bypasses the taste buds to alleviate spitting up and gagging. One tip, make sure the bottle and nipples are sealed tight.

Monkey Moo Soft Silicone Wipe Clean Waterproof Baby Bib

Made from 100% food grade silicone, these bibs make feeding baby a breeze. A deep pocket catches food that may drop. It washes easily and is dishwasher safe. The adjustable neck strap allows the bib to grow with your baby.