Get Your Drink on With Refreshing Summertime Cocktails

refreshing summer cocktails

Summertime is cocktail time! It’s great to end the day by sipping on a drink and enjoying the outdoors. It’ll be even better if you try one of these tasty recipes.

Summer Sangria with Watermelon and Pineapple

“This easy and refreshing summer sangria with watermelon and pineapple is a fun twist on sangria that utilizes fresh summer produce.” – Sharon

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

“I could seriously sip on this all day. It’s wonderfully refreshing and sweet with all that bubbly goodness. You can also toss in some frozen raspberries or strawberries for that elegant touch – either way, these cocktails go perfectly for a summer party or an added bonus to get you through the week.” – Chungah

Strawberry Basil Moscow Mule

“It’s a traditional Moscow Mule with vodka, ginger beer and lime, that gets fresh strawberries and basil muddled into the mixture. It’s the best cocktail out there for summer and you should probably be drinking one over the weekend.” – Cheryl

Summer Vodka & Mint Lemonade

“If you are entertaining this summer, your adult guests will love this cool, vodka summer beverage. Sip by the poolside or in the backyard while you all mingle and the kids play.” – Deanna

Frozen Watermelon Margarita

“With only five ingredients, these Frozen Watermelon Margaritas are so easy to make! Whether you have a birthday party or pool party, this is the tastiest drink recipe and something unique to try this summer.” – Amy

Black Cherry Bourbon Cola Smash

“This cocktail is perfect for hot summer evenings: super-refreshing, simple, a little sweet, and popular with everyone. Cherries and cola are a proven match (although I don’t actually like Cherry Cola) – add Bourbon and a splash of Cherry Brandy and you are on to a real winner. If you don’t happen to have the cherry brandy, the cocktail works well without it too.” – Lucy

Bourbon Arnold Palmer

“Get your comfy lawn chair ready, get the sun tea on the deck and get ready for a refreshing drink you can make pitcher-style and share with friends all summer.” – Alice

Classic Mojito Recipe

“Whether you’re searching for the perfect cocktail recipe for a party or simply want a fun drink recipe you can whip up in no time flat to enjoy for your private happy hour… a classic mojito cocktail is simple, cool and refreshing.” – Jessica

Cucumber Melon Sangria

“The best summer cocktails are light, refreshing and easy to sip on all night long. This Cucumber Melon Sangria ticks all of those boxes plus it is made in advance which pretty much makes this the perfect summer party cocktail.”- Anna

Double Trouble Grapefruit Cocktail

“There’s just something about this grapefruit cocktail that so fresh and satisfying. It’s got a cool crisp taste to beat the heat, whether you’re sitting on the patio or inside in with your feet up.” – Kim