11 Unique Egg Decorating Ideas

Ditch the regular old dyed eggs - try some of these easy, adorable and fun DIY Easter egg decorating ideas we came across on Pinterest!

Sharpie Easter Egg Decorating Idea

“I haven’t been feeling especially crafty lately, but this Sharpie Easter egg decorating idea popped into my head when I was thinking about making some them with the kids. Much easier than breaking out all of the messy dye!”

How to Decorate Easter Eggs to Look like Fruits and Veggies

“Last year we brought you Easter eggs dressed like birds. This year we’re disguising eggs as our favorite fruits and veggies. Be real — these eggs are THE CUTEST! And, once again, no crazy dye is required to make ’em. All these need are basic supplies you have around your house: paint, Sharpies and paper.”

Polka Dot Dyed Easter Eggs - Tutorial

“This simple colorful craft project actually didn't include the children. I just slipped into the kitchen and let my crafty fingers fly around a bit and came up with these polka dot dyed Easter eggs.”

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Eggs

“My new favorite thing is nail polish marbling. Have you tried it? The other day I decided to dip a few eggs like I did these glasses – and then proceeded to work my way through two dozen eggs. It makes me seriously wish I had more colors of nail polish!”

DIY Dyed Robin Eggs

“So it only makes sense that the magnificent turquoise hue can be replicated using a single product of nature: red cabbage. That’s right. Red cabbage! You won’t believe it until you try it. And I promise if you haven’t dyed eggs with natural dyes before, you’ll be hooked after trying this.”

DIY Burger Easter Egg

“In true Studio DIY fashion, it was time to turn Easter eggs into food again. We’ve done pineapples, ice cream cones and now we’re serving up some burger Easter eggs! You don’t even have to dye eggs for this one… you can just use brown ones! WOOOO!”

DIY Decoupage Eggs for Easter

“Decoupage (or découpage) is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and so on!”

DIY Marbled Indigo Eggs

“You know how much we love indigo dye, right? Well I had to try our hand at marbling eggs this year – so I gave the nail polish technique a try. I used an indigo nail polish to match some of my favorite shibori indigo dye projects. Although the marbling technique can get messy, the end result is beautiful. I went with a monochromatic effect by using one polish color. I really love how it turned out. These DIY Marbled Indigo Eggs are a must this Easter!”

Easter Egg Ideas: Gold Foil Tattoos

“These Gold Foil Tattoo Easter Eggs are at the top of my list because they are easy and gorgeous and take less than 2 minutes to make, and that fits all the major requirements in my book.”

Masked Easter Eggs

“Adhere common supplies such as tape, stickers, or even little leaves to eggs; when you dye the eggs and remove the ‘masks,’ the designs stand out. There are lots of ways to vary this technique to create original eggs.”

DIY Cement Easter Eggs

“Don’t be intimidated! By using eggs as molds, these cement Easter eggs are surprisingly easy to make in no time flat, and best of all, they’re reusable year after year. I also love that they’re heavy and stand upright on their own, making them perfect for your Easter table, a themed-out mantle or bookcase, and as year-round paperweights.”

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Carol Barringer - Apr 10, 2017
I worry that using nail polish to color eggs will make the eggs toxic to eat - we always eat the hard boiled eggs after decorating them.