Pinterest Pass or Fail: Deviled Egg Chicks

These adorable deviled egg chicks have been floating around the Pinterest-verse for years. For our latest Pinterest Pass or Fail we decided to tackle this cute appetizer.

The results? Well, we have our first Pinterest fail. Here’s what went wrong.

The finished product was adorable… but we had some issues getting there.

It says to cut a sliver off the end for the chick to stand on.

But if the yolk is too low, you’ll end up with a hole. Not ideal for stuffing the egg. We started with 12 eggs, but only ended up with 6 to assemble because you can’t predict where the yolk is.

After slicing off the top so the egg can be filled, getting the yolk out and not tearing the egg white is no easy task.

Our tops kept falling off while we were assembling the chicks.

We’d put them back on… then they’d fall again.

Trying to move the plate had its issues too.

We placed the chicks back on the plate. Then a few seconds later, they fell again. Not ideal if you’re bringing these to an Easter brunch.

Since these are basically deviled eggs, we’d recommend sticking to traditional deviled eggs. It will save you a lot of time in the kitchen.