6 Tips to Posting a Recipe

Sharing recipes is fun and there aren't really any rules to writing a recipe. But, there are a few tips to follow to make sure you post the best possible recipe.

1. A Simple Recipe Name.

The title of the recipe should be descriptive and informative. You want people to know what the recipe is for, but it shouldn't read like a menu. Entice people with descriptive words.

2. Write a Great Note.

This is where you can really describe the recipe. Has it been handed down through generations? Was it the result of a mistake in the kitchen? Or, is there a memory associated with the recipe? This is the place to share. If there's no particular story behind the recipe and you just really enjoyed it, then share that! Tell everyone what you liked most about it. Again, descriptive words are great... you want people to connect with the recipe.

3. List Ingredients in Order.

This may seem logical, but more often than not ingredients are listed out of order. List the ingredients in the order they will be used in the directions. If posting a recipe for something like chocolate cake with frosting, break out the ingredients into two sections. Add a heading for the chocolate cake then post the ingredients needed. Add a second heading for the frosting, and follow with those ingredients.

4. Clearly Specify Ingredients.

If the recipe calls for an ingredient there are varieties of, specify exactly what should be used. For example, instead of just writing oil write grapeseed oil. Or, instead of just flour, specify all-purpose.

When using canned items, make sure to note what size. It's OK to say 1 large can, but make sure to note it's 24 ounces. What's large to you, may not be large to someone else.

If an ingredient is used multiple times, like butter, list the total amount of the ingredients but make the note divided (2 cups, divided). Then in your instructions explain how to divide the butter.

Make sure to clearly state how to measure an ingredient. If you're looking to add a cup of chopped walnuts, write it as one cup walnuts, chopped - not one cup of chopped walnuts.

5. Keep Directions Short.

Short and concise steps make preparing a recipe easier. It's better to have multiple steps, than one step consisting of multiple sentences. Simpler is better when reading a recipe.

6. Take Original Photos of the Finished Recipe.

We eat with our eyes first. Recipes with relevant original photography will be more popular than recipes without pictures. Sharpen your photography and learn tips to taking an Instagram-worthy photo, but there are three things to look for in your photo - composition (making sure the finished product is centered in the photo), lighting (shouldn't be too light or too dark) and styling (make it look pretty).

7. Spell Check.

Spelling errors happen to everyone (that's why there's an edit button). But, give the recipe one last review before hitting post.

Julia Ann Agelson - Jan 22, 2017
I was wondering how to put a recipe on your site, and noticed this specific and well written information.
Now to get my recipe together and decide how to present it. Thank you.
Carolyn Wells - Jan 22, 2017
Why is it some websites make it so complicated to make a copy of a recipe?