pinch tips: How to Skin Carrots, Potatoes and Apples

Shared by Kitchen Crew @JustaPinch

The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows how to easily peel carrots, potatoes and apples.

Bridget Rucki - Jun 27, 2018
All the fuss over showing how to peel veggies and fruit. Who forces you to watch? Keep in mind there are new cooks viewing this site daily! Hug somebody, you'll feel better. ( :
Sue Sanders - Feb 3, 2018
Hmmmm. Didnt have add problem watching demo. The adds for other recipes are off to the right side and dont interfere.
Margaret Lind - Nov 23, 2017
There were no ads when I vewed this. Apples are easiest to peel if you cut the apple into quarters. You can then easily remove the core and the peel and slice into your pie crust. From a Hunter apple pie maker! My parents loved to travel to the mountains about 90 miles away and pick up apples already picked, sometimes buying a half bushel or a whole bushel of apples! (A bushel of apples is a lot!) Then come home and make homemade apple sauce and apple pies. Having a freezer, it was my parents' practice to build the pies and cook them about half the usual time, then wrap in foil and freeze them. When you want a pie for dessert, put it in the oven to reheat and finish baking. They usually froze 12 pies per season.
Rhoda Robinson - Mar 15, 2017
It would be nice to be able to watch one of the how to videos without the constantly freezing nevermind the ads what are constantly interrupting and getting in the way. For some of us going to pay the premium is not an option so I guess just cancelling Jap is the only other option
elizabeth duckworth - Mar 15, 2017
I don't care for the ads either, I always found the music to be distracting when I wanted to look for a particular recipe, not to mention all the crazy pop-up which carry a whole host of other tech problems for your computer!
Plus, I use JAP almost every day and have been a member since it's beginning, so I joined the Premium membership ($10.00 a year) for zero ads and silent bliss. But, I do understand that the ads allow JAP to offer the site to those who don't want to
Caty Bowden - Feb 18, 2017
I thought it was going to show some different, more efficient, way of peeling these. But it's the same way I've been doing them for years. The only exception is, I use my vegetable peeler on potatoes, too, instead of a knife now, because it doesn't waste as much potato. And I rarely eat apples, but when I do, I use a knife to peel them, IF I peel them.
Evon Russell - Jan 22, 2017
You have to show a video on how to peel things? Really? Are your viewers that stupid? I think I'm done with this site.
Barbara Ennis - Jan 22, 2017
Ads help pay for the site and they seemed to be 10 seconds.....ONLY 10 seconds or less..??????

So much negativity.......sorry if you are having a bad day......
Leonard Peters - Jan 22, 2017
I got tired of the ads and left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ann knox - Jan 22, 2017
Always bothers me to see people using a knife to peel anything with. So much waste.
Hollie Jennings - Dec 15, 2016
The ads drive me nuts. Takes forever to see what I want to see because of all the ads popping up.
Robbie Anderson - Dec 24, 2015
Pretty lame - especially enjoyed the ads that permeate this site now.
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