What do Honorary Kitchen Crew members do?

As a member of the Honorary Crew not only does your photo hang on our Wall of Fame, but you also gain the opportunity to turn your own kitchen into a test kitchen! Here’s how it works:

VOLUNTEER - Testing recipes is completely OPTIONAL. Participation in the Test Kitchen is only open to Honorary Crew members, but is not a requirement. With over 1.5 million members, there are plenty of recipes to test! (No compensation is provided to volunteers... just fun!)

RESERVE - Participating Honorary Crew members can cook as much - or as little - as they like. They may request to try any recipe they wish (subject to approval), and may also receive suggestions from the Kitchen Crew. Every recipe posted to the Club is considered for Blue Ribbon testing.

TASTE - This is the best part… the cooking!

PHOTOGRAPH - The Honorary Crew members snap pics of their finished dishes, which are later added to the recipe page.

REVIEW - Test Kitchen members submit reviews of the dishes they try via an official form, and the very best ones are nominated for Blue Ribbons! Comments from the nominating Test Kitchen member will appear on each Blue Ribbon recipe page. Real people honoring real recipes!

RESPECT - Members of the Test Kitchen are asked to remain neutral throughout all of their testing. Great effort is taken to ensure that all cooks from all areas are considered equally. Crew members agree not to disclose information about the results of their testing - No hurt feeling allowed in our kitchen!

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