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Suggested serving: Honey Dijon Chicken with organic broccoli, brown rice and organic rosemary potatoes.

Honey Dijon Chicken

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By Cindy DeVore
With only 3 ingredients, this is by far, the simplest dish to make. But ...
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Winter Squash - Mashed And Simple

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By Beth M.
These are the easiest ever directions I've used for cooking fresh Butternut squash! When I agreed ...
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All Natural Homemade Fly Strips

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By Stormy Stewart
If you are like me, you hate spraying anything un-natural in your house. These can ...
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Tired Muscles Need Help Occasionally

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By Beth M.
Someone mentioned using a rolling pin and this is basically the same thing but made ...
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DIY Lemon & Honey Facial

Diy Lemon & Honey Facial

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By Ali P
I would recommend squeezing the juice from the lemon into a bowl. Strain any pulp ...
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