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Hummingbird Nectar

Please DO NOT add Red dye!!!

A family of three blue jays.  We love to watch them take the peanuts in the shells, that we put in the feeders. They will take one at a time, go into the trees to eat them. They will not leave until all peanuts are picked up.

Squirrel Deterrent from your Bird Feeder

We have a couple of bird feeders and always a couple of squirrels come around ...

Summer Suet Being Attacked

Summer Suet

Summer Suet is pretty much like the Winter though it is more nuts and berries, ...

Hairy Woodpecker eating Suet Block

Winter Suet

Winter suet you can add berries and nuts even meal worms that you can pick ...

Hairy Woodpecker eating Bark Butter

Bark Butter for Feeding Birds

We use this in the fall and push it in to the bark of the ...