#animal Recipes

Confetti Dip

This is a quick and easy dip to bring somewhere. I got if from a ...

Summer Suet Being Attacked

Summer Suet

Summer Suet is pretty much like the Winter though it is more nuts and berries, ...

Hairy Woodpecker eating Suet Block

Winter Suet

Winter suet you can add berries and nuts even meal worms that you can pick ...

Hairy Woodpecker eating Bark Butter

Bark Butter for Feeding Birds

We use this in the fall and push it in to the bark of the ...

Dandelion the misunderstood herb

This is for all the dog lovers out there. Our Mini Schnauzers have stomach ...

Topsy Turvy Wild Animal Print Cake

This cake almost takes on an illusion of each layer melting into one another. I ...

Lucy our puppy,who is 11years old

Baby, oh baby: Puppy food..

Recipe for the pet owner.If you like to make your own, Vet-approved recipes that is.