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Butterfinger Pudding minus a big piece!

Butterfinger Pudding

Tonna Canfield avatar
By Tonna Canfield
I love this recipe! I’ve been making it since I was in my 20’s: a ...

Cherry Trifle

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
Did you know the recipe for trifle first came to America via British settlers who ...

Pumpkin & Angel Food Cake Trifle

Amy Barrett avatar
By Amy Barrett
We made this Pumpkin and Angel Food Cake Trifle as a special treat for dessert ...

~ My Coconut Angel Pudding Cake ~

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
I had a store bought Angel food cake, that I needed to I decided ...
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Our Favorite Strawberry Pancake Or Dessert Syrup

Family Favorites avatar
By Family Favorites
My family loves this fresh, fruity strawberry syrup as a nice change of pace from ...
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Easy Strawberries & Cream Shortcake

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
This is another winner of a yummy, so easy and another great option for ...
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Easter Cake Made Easy

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
This cute little cake was made in 30 minutes, with a store bought Angel Food ...
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Strawberry Angel Food Dessert

Suzanne Larsen avatar
By Suzanne Larsen
This was my sister's recipe. She has passed on now and this is one way ...

Simple Summer Trifle

Sarah Farrand avatar
By Sarah Farrand
This fresh, surprisingly light dessert is great for warm summer days and brunches, but even ...
This cake is so amazingly easy I am going to try new flavors soon.

Lemon Angel Food Cake

Sandra Allen avatar
By Sandra Allen
I found this on facebook and tried it. It was soooo good and with just ...
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Chocolate Freeze

Teena Mathis avatar
By Teena Mathis
A co-worker at Texas A&M Vet School in 1979 gave me this recipe. Mmmmmm, ...
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Blueberry Angel Dessert

Sharon Colyer avatar
By Sharon Colyer
From the Taste of Home Holiday Recipe Card Collection originating with Carol Johnson of Tyler, ...
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Apple Angel Dessert - Jan

Jan W avatar
By Jan W
Got this recipe from my cousin, Carol Siverling, in's so simple and inexpensive and ...
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Angel Lush

Mandy Holmes avatar
By Mandy Holmes
This is a recipe I clipped from a magazine and have yet to try but ...
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Angel Food Cake

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By Penny Jordan
Angel Food Cake Recipe & Picture from: Family Circle "The delicate texture and sugary sweetness of homemade ...
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French-toasted Angel Food Cake

Penny Jordan avatar
By Penny Jordan
French-Toasted Angel Food Cake From Better Homes and Gardens Angel food cake is made into light and ...
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Pink Fluff for our Easter dessert. It is satisfying without being too filling!

Pink Fluff

Melissa Blevins avatar
By Melissa Blevins
Our family always make this for Easter (and a few other special occasions! ;)) Hope ...
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Raspberry Peach Delight

Penny Peeler avatar
By Penny Peeler
A friend gave me this recipe years ago. She used all sugar-free, low-fat ingredients ...
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