hot or cold beet soup (yep!occasionally i goof up)

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By Nancy J. Patrykus
from Spokane, WA

Using fresh beets from a farm visit. I have made many borscht soups, pickled,Harvard beets cakes,and breads. This one turned out different!! Here is a different beet soup. I do mean different! Really different! LOL! Read on ..... No meat in this recipe. Just a can of beef broth. Hope you enjoy my recipe. It is really a wonderful soup.. Hot or cold. Nancy. 8/4/13

serves Family or guests
prep time 30 Min
cook time 30 Min
method Stove Top

Ingredients For hot or cold beet soup (yep!occasionally i goof up)

  • 1 lb
    fresh beets...cooked, peeled & cut up (2 cups)
  • 2 stalk
    celery,..... diced
  • 6-8 md
    green onions ...cleaned and cut up small
  • 2 md
    carrots.......cleaned & diced
  • 1 lg
    clove garlic........minced
  • 2 Tbsp
    olive oil
  • 1 md
    apple,....... peeled, cored and diced
  • 2 md
    potatoes.....peeled & diced
  • 1 can
    beef or chicken broth
  • 1-2 Tbsp
    lemon taste
  • add
    salt, pepper and a sprig of dill when serving
  • optinal
    hard boiled eggs, horseradish sauce sour cream & crackers. on the side..optional
  • 1 sm
    kitchen witch.. this would not have happened!...

How To Make hot or cold beet soup (yep!occasionally i goof up)

  • 1
    Pre-pare veggies. Sauté in a skillet with the olive oil.Add to a large pot with the can of broth. Heat gently.
  • 2
    Prepare potatoes, apple and garlic. Add to the pot. Simmer till cooked. Add a little water if needed.
  • 3
    Chop up the cooked beets in a food processor. Or a blender with water added..
  • 4
    Add beets to pot. Simmer till cooked. Watch closely, add more broth, keep to a soup like liquid. Here is where the fun begins!
  • 5
    I did say watch...closely! This is where I goofed! BIG TIME!!!! I had went down to do the laundry. Then decided to do a little ironing. Not sure how long I was...but this is what my kitchen looked like ...when I finally opened the kitchen door. The stove top! What a site to behold!! All I could do was laugh, !! Why cry????? Had to share this with you, there is a moral here ...somewhere. LOL
  • 6
    The floor!
  • 7
    Back of stove & exhaust fan!
  • 8
    Here is the clincher... THE CEILING!!!!! My kitchen looks like some of those horror movies!... Blood all over!!
  • 9
    I went and bought more beets... Here is soup picture. The way it should look. Pinched from he internet. This would not have happened .. .if I had a KITCHEN WITCH !....LOL !! I think I will remake it next in the crock pot.. then no worries. Live and I have to sign off now.. get the ladder out and wash (scrub)the ceiling. I wonder if it will turn pink! LOL!!