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parmesan bock beer soup

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a recipe by
Susan Smith
Naperville, IL

If you love a rich full bodied beer then you will love this rich full bodied soup. I made this and even my neighbor lady who does not drink loved it and wanted the recipe from me. Simple to make and simmer for hours letting the flavors mingle. Great on cold days or for your favorite beer lovers. It is great for a meal or before or for snacking on during a party. The alcohol cooks off so you will not need a breathalizer test or to walk the line after eating it. LOL

★★★★★ 1
serves several empty tummies

Ingredients For parmesan bock beer soup

  • 6-10 slice
  • parmesan cheese rinds with cheese on it
  • parmesan cheese wedge (stella brand)
  • tomato (small cherry tomatoes or smaller or rotel tomatoes in a can)
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    huber bock beer (is my favorite for making this soup)
  • l.b. jamison's chicken soup base
  • garlic
  • onion
  • butter

How To Make parmesan bock beer soup

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    In large soup pot first thing I do is make 6-10 slices of I get the drippings in the bottom of the pan....then you get a bonus to just eat the bacon (which is what I usually do) or crumble it up in the soup. You want the bacon coating and flavor in your soup. Then in same pot after bacon is done and either eaten or crumbled....put in water enough to make the stock mix. I use 96 oz of water and 7 heaping teaspoons of L.B. Jamison's chicken soup base (the absolute best soup base I have found). Tomatoes.....I either use a ton of very small tomatoes you can throw in whole or peel and skin and dice up regular tomatoes. ( I am not a huge fan of canned but if you can't use fresh that is my preferred option then get a couple cans the diced ROTEL tomatoes...they have a bit of chilies in them. I use a couple cans.) Parmesan rind.......get a really huge hunk with cheese hopefully still in it as well as the rind. (sometimes cheese counters will have the rinds left and don't mind parting with them for cheaper than when the actual cheese is attached). I have used approx a foot long 4'' wide rind piece before. The rind will dissolve and soften but will ad a wonderful flavor. It almost tastes like you add meat......but I really add no meat to this soup. If you can not get the more expensive and tasty rind or rind/cheese then I use packaged 8 oz. Stella brand Parmesan cheese triangles. (this is the star of the don't skimp) I found if you use the rind you can cook all together and it eventually dissolves into the soup with no sticking.....but if you use the packaged Parmesan it will hold together/stick together in the soup even if you slice it before putting it in. But actually more times than not I add in the Parmesan triangles (at least 2) and let them stick together.....I want the flavor in the soup......
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    or you can shred it later on top...but if it is a clump of cheese that ruins the flavors mingling together while cooking so I prefer to use the rind. Garlic........which I am a huge fan of. I use several cloves......season to your taste. (Garlic is wonderful and adds a wonderful flavor) Onion.....I dice up as many to your taste and in a separate pan cook onions in butter til clear and a little browned. I have added none before and the soup is still really great or I have added as many as 4 precooked (as in browned til clear). 1 HUBER BOCK beer.......YUM YUM ( I have tried adding 2 Huber Bock beers but thought the beer taste was not subtle enough for what I wanted) I do not add noodles, rice or any other noodle like product and let the Parmesan and Bock beer and veggies be the star of the show. It has a rich full flavor. I simmer this all day stirring occasionally.....and of course testing to make sure it is turning out yummy. Serve with grated Parmesan cheese on top and oyster crackers if you choose. ENJOY......I get a lot of people asking me for this recipe :)