Kielbasa Bean Soup aka Can-Can Soup

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By Linda Lehman
from Spokane, WA

I call this Can-Can soup because I can easily create it from things I always have in my pantry. I change it by using different combos of beans and tomatoes and adding different sausages. I can add veggies by what needs to be used up or what is on my shelves or in the freezer. We eat low sodium so I put no added salt items into my pot. I also do a quick cook on my sausage and rinse it under hot water to get a bit more salt off the sausage. This is a great basic recipe that is almost always ready! I hope I have given you enough options that you can create your own family favorite.

serves 4-6
prep time 15 Min
cook time 2 Hr
method Slow Cooker Crock Pot


  •   2 can(s)
    kidney beans or black beans or 1 of each
  •   2 can(s)
    tomatoes, diced or crushed
  •   2 can(s)
    green chilis, diced or 1 chile and 1 jalapeno for hotter
  •   2 can(s)
    beef or chicken broth or veggie stock
  •   1-2 c
    onion, chopped (i fill one of the cans with veggies to measure)
  •   1-2 c
    celery chopped ( i use a can to measure and fill that)
  •   1-3 clove
    garlic, chopped or 1-3 tsp garlic powder
  •   1 lb
    kielbasa or smoked sausage or chicken sausage

How To Make

  • 1
    Rinse and drain beans. Put in pot with tomatoes and chilis. May use slo cooker or top of stove. Can use any combo of beans you like although firmer beans are better if using a slo cooker and softer beans work well if you want a short, top of the stove, ready in 20 minutes soup
  • 2
    Cut and chop veggies. You can use dehydrated if you have that. I use a can and just fill that up to measure. Cut up Sauage. Put into pot May add carrots if using a slo cooker. Add at least one clove of garlic.
  • 3
    Open broth and pour over top. (Use some buillion or beef onion soup mix if you don't have canned or go without if you are low sodium. It works fine without.)
  • 4
    Cover all with water. If you like more broth put enough water in that it is covered by 2 inches, if less broth is prefered, barely cover.
  • 5
    Turn on heat to high and cook for at least 1 hour in a slo cooker. OR, to low and cook for up to 9 hours OR, if on top of stove, bring to a boil and then cover and turn heat down to just simmer for 20 minutes or until beans and veggies are tender.
  • 6
    I add more garlic after it has cooked for a while, some sausages have lots of garlic and some have tons of spice where as some are bland. Your spice blend is what you like Some ideas are to add a bit of chili powder or cayenne. or basil, oregano, whole thyme. for the Italian taste. I do not add any salt! If you need it, add it at the end. I love a bit of parmassan on top of my bowl full, DH loves a bit of grated mozzarella or pepperjack
  • 7
    Now, go out and make this your soup!