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By Nancy J. Patrykus
from Spokane, WA

Fresh corn is at all the markets...NOW! We have a huge farmers market, here in Spokane, WA. They sell the freshest corn around. You have to go early in the morning..while the dew is still on the roses! Rush home and enjoy the best corn ever. That's like really eating high on the hog! Don't forget the butter. YUMMY! We have to thank the Indians for this delicacy Nancy 6/30/13

serves Family


  • 1-2 md
    ears of fresh corn/per person
  • 3-4 lg
    ears at my home/per person...lol

How To Make

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    Tip#1....CHOOSE: Cold cobs still fresh-looking green husks and with tassels. Check that they are free of worm injury. Cobs with small, shiny kernels are general sweeter and more tender than those with large, deep yellow dull kernels. Tip#2....Pic fresh, succulent husks with good green color, silk ends that are free from decay or worm injury, and stem ends that are not to discolored. Avoid ears with yellowed, wilted or dried husks, or discolored and dried out.
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    STORE: Six ears will yield about 3 cups of kernels. Figure about 1-2 ears per person. Refrigerate the corn in there husks until you are ready to cook them. The should be used within a few days, Sooner the better.
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    HOW TO USE: Corn is best cooked in the home as soon after picking as possible. Husk before cooking. To cook corn on the cob, place husked corn in a kettle with a small amount of BOILING WATER. Cover and steam for 5 minutes. The less time it cooks, the better is. It is usually overcooked. Another caprice of corn is its preference for sugar rather than salt! Unless you cook your own garden-grown corn, which would take 10 minutes from garden to the pot, sugar is needed to enhance and improve the flavor. As soon as done, remove from the pot. Letting it stand in the hot water makes it water soaked.
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    A PERSONAL NOTE: I had to insert this picture of a corn crop ruined by hail.In 1952, we row cropped corn and soy beans, in Indiana..In July a hail storm hit our crops!.. 60 acres ruined. To late to replant.We were devastated,and lost everything. Next year we purchased a dairy farm in central WI. Just moving on...life is made of choices. Life gives you lemons.. you make lemonade!

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