pickle juice power

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By Pat Duran
from Las Vegas, NV

These Ideas are among many you can use up that pickle juice instead of throwing it away.Plus it saves a lot of time- no need to process just pour over vegetables in jars and store in refrigerator. Some of these ideas come from family and friends. Any pickle juice can be used also pickled beet juice. My favorite juice is the bread and butter pickle juice! I always have veggies in the fridge in this juice. Oh so good!

★★★★★ 2 Reviews
serves As much as you want to make
prep time 5 Min
method No-Cook or Other

Ingredients For pickle juice power

  • juice from bread and butter pickles
  • juice from pickled beets
  • juice from dill pickles
  • juice from sweet pickles

How To Make pickle juice power

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    Reuse the brine of any of the above pickles to make pickled raw veggies. Carrots Mushrooms Beets Radishes Green beans-yellow wax beans Celery Zucchini Etc......
  • 2
    Cut veggies in strips or slices or for small veggies leave whole. Add hot pepper to dill pickle juice to spice the veggies up ,if desired.
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    Add hard boiled eggs to any of the juices Use some of the juices in potato salad tuna salad chicken salad macaroni salad This will add moisture and a flavor boost.
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    Great for sauces and dressing for salad and slaws. Brine chicken or pork with it.Works as a tenderizer. Drizzle on fish to grill. Boil whole potatoes in it. Steam veggies in it. Add to soups. Drink it-great for leg cramps- as all you bowlers know. Use in bread recipes. Add to a shot of whiskey or vodka or gin. Great to soak hands in to prevent blisters- like Nolan Ryan the pitcher. Great in a Bloody Mary!!!! Replaces electrolytes and sodium after a run or on a hot day or have a hangover.