Mushroom Portfolio, stuffed and grilled

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PLEASE NOTE: The low sodium, low carb, low fat, and vegetarian only applies if the stuffing is in that category. It does NOT apply to all of my stuffed mushrooms listed below.

I adore grilled, stuffed mushrooms. So instead of posting several different recipes I decided to make one post with various "stuffings". I will continue to add to this post as I create new versions.

Leftovers is perfect for stuffing mushrooms, as well as peppers.

You do not have to grill these, just pop in oven and bake if you don't own a grill, or don't have time to fire it up.

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10 Min
20 Min


**cremini mushrooms
**various stuffings, see below
**olive oil


1Remove the stem and wipe mushrooms gently with a dry rag or paper towel. Using a sharp knife, gently cut a round the opening of the mushroom and remove just a tiny bit of the flesh. Now take a butter knife, or the end of a fork or spoon and gently scrape out the gills. This also hollows it out a little so more stuffing will fit.
2You can stuff with any ingredients, just make sure any meat is already cooked, and all ingredients are finely chopped. I always like to mix shredded cheese in, it helps bind the other ingredients.
3Place on grill rack or grilling tray over low heat. With lid closed grill for approx. 20 min or till cheese melts and mushrooms becomes a little tender.
4For this one I used fresh corn salad, mix with cooked taco meat and grated cheddar.
See recipe for corn salad:
Fresh corn salad
Mix equal corn salad and taco meat together, add cheese, and stuff.
5This is my Grilled Pizzashrooms
Canadian bacon
Mozzarella cheese
Diced mushrooms
Red Pepper flakes
Finely dice pepperoni, Canadian bacon and mushrooms. Grate cheese. Mix all ingredients together and along with pepper flakes. Stuff mushrooms.
6This is my Sloppy Joe Stuffed Mushroom
See recipe for Sloppy Joes
Sloppy Joes
Mix leftover sloppy joes with cheese and stuff.
7This is one I posted previously. Cheese stuffed, wrapped in bacon.
Mushrooms cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped & grilled
8This one is vegetarian. I used a variation of my cheese filling. It was so good. Best darn Cheese Filling or Spread
I also stuffed some mini sweet peppers, also delicious.

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