Grandmas Raw Veggie Salad "Surowka Babuni"

Grace Gniazdowska


This is the recipe for a raw veggie salad that has been passed down in my family for 12 generations. So Healthy and get ready for your family to go wild over it :)

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large parsnip
small celery root
3 Tbsp
home made mayonaise, or helmann's
1/2 tsp
horseradish, may use 1 tsp
2 Tbsp
1 tsp
mustard (not yellow)


1Wash, peel and Grate all raw veggies and apples. (You may add one more carrot, or 1 more apple if you would like it a little sweeter) Wash the leek very well, since it always has sand in between the leafs. A parsnip is a white root that looks like a carrot. Celery root is round and bumpy and it is a dirty white with a bunch of tiny roots around it. I will post photos soon. Just wanted to post this quickly. Pretty busy lately. Grate All the veggies and the apples, but the leek you have to cut in super thin slices. It does not grate well.
Combine all grated veggies, apples and leek in a big bowl. To make a bigger portion for a family get together just double everything.
2Mix 3 tbsp of Home made mayo (may be Hellman's if you don't have time) the 1/2 tsp of horseradish and honey in a cup. To be honest I don't add the mustard because the kick from the horseradish is enough for my family. I actually add 1 and a 1/2 tsp of horseradish because we love it that way :)
3Pour the mayo mix into the grated veggies and mix well. Let stand for about an hour. It will store in a covered bowl or container for up to a week. If I want to change things up, I add a fist full of sour crout I buy from a barrel in my local EU market. It is not pickled it is in brine, but the other sour crout may be OK too. You have to rinse the sour crout in warm water 2 or 3 times, squeeze out excess water after each time (rinse, sqeeze, rinse, squeeze, you get the idea :) other wise it will be too sour. You don't Have To add it, I just like to vary things a little. You do everything the same just add the sour crout.

I hope you make it and let me know. My kids were raised on this and everyone who comes to my house and tries it they beg me for my recipe. Enjoy :)

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