Firecracker finger sammie

Lynn Socko


I made these for the SSS sammie challenge using carrots and black olives! Not for the faint at heart!

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10 Min
15 Min


loaf of french bread slices
tomato slices
1 c
grated cheese, your fav
pickled carrots
pickled jalapeno
black olives rings
garlic chili sauce
2 slice
bacon, cooked and crumbled
olive oil


1NOTE: You could leave the bread off and serve these as a side dish.

Slice tomatoes and french bread thickness you desire.
2Cook 1-2 slices bacon and crumble. In same pan and bacon drippings, cook tomato slices until tender. Remove and brown french bread on each side (brush with olive oil first if desired.)
3Grate cheese. Using home made or store bought pickled jalapenos and carrots, dice on large jalapeno and as many carrots as you like.
4In a small bowl mix together grated cheese, jalapeno, carrots and black olives (use as many black olives as desired) crumbled bacon and 2 Tbl. of Chili Garlic Sauce.
5Top toast bread with fried tomato and cheese mix. Micro for 2 min. or till cheese is melted. Enjoy this delicious HOT appetizer.
6Chili garlic sauce