Bea's Rutabagas

Bea L.


This is the way my mother taught me how to cook rutabagas. We use this exact same method when cooking turnips as well. I can feel her beside me everytime I fix this dish. She is truly missed with every breath I take.

I'm posting this recipe in her memory since she passed away 14 years ago today. 3/7/2013

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Stove Top


salt & pepper (to taste)
oil for seasoning
water to cover
1/2 tsp
sugar (optional)


1WARNING: Be extremely careful when cutting rutabagas for they are waxed and very hard. You will need a butcher knife and then a good sharp paring knife.
2Cut the rutabagas in half with a sharp butcher knife. This is the hard part. Please be careful.
3Now, cut each half into strips.
4Peel each strip by using a sharp paring knife.
5Now dice up in small cubes. By dicing them they will cook faster.
6Place into pot and cover with water. Add in oil of your choice. Be the judge on the amount. I don't measure so I can only guess approximately 3 tablespoons. You may rather season with bacon &/or bacon grease. Just choose your own seasoning. Add in salt and black pepper to taste.
7Bring them up to a boil and then lower to medium-low and cook until tender. In other words just cook as you would boiled potatoes.
8When done, drain well and mash up as you would mashed potatoes. Add in the 1/2 teaspoon of sugar (optional), salt and pepper to taste.

I love serving these with my baked cabbage and hushpuppies. For some reason I like this meal with fried pork chops or pork roast.
9This picture of my mother was taken a year or two before her death.

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