Aunt Betty's Country Cream-Style Corn

Bobbi Jo Lathan


Just shuck it, grate it, scrape it and milk it! This here recipe is the REAL thing! None of that ol' runny canned cream-style stuff from the grocery store. This here stuff is dee-licious!! It's worth the effort. I just hand everybody an ear of fresh yellow corn when they walk in the door and slap on an apron and everybody shucks and grates their own. And when they taste it...they are filled with wonder! Ain't nuthin' like REAL food.

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40 Min
15 Min


ears of fresh yellow field corn
1/4 c
evaporated milk
1/3 c
1/4 tsp
1/4 tsp
ground pepper



1OK…now this recipe will take a little work, but believe you me it’s
worth it! First off, you better put on an apron ‘cause it’ll get a little messy!But, if you cain't git messy in the kitchen, what's the point!
Put a big bowl in your sink and a grater inside your bowl. Take your
fresh ears of shucked corn and gently grate the corn on the smallest
holes of your grater. Keep turnin’ the corn - you don’t want to get the
hull part in the bowl. So, once you’ve “popped” all the kernels by turning
and grating, then gently take the cob and softly scrape what you missed with
a dull knife. Squeeze the remaining juice from the cob (like you were
milking a cow) into the bowl and throw away the cob. Now, twenty
ears’ll only make about a pint of cream-style corn. Put that corn into a
pot, add the evaporated milk, salt and pepper to taste and let it start
to bubble. While whisking it, add butter and cook for about 15 minutes. Now, some folks only cook it for 5 minutes cause' they like it really fresh. My rule is that
it should be thick and “plop” on the plate when served (at least that’s
how I like mine!). Every time I serve this up, people take one bite and
their eyes get real big and they say, “Wow! What is this!?? It’s delicious!”
Believe me, once you serve Aunt Betty’s Cream-style Corn you’ll have to
put a lock on your screen door when you’re cookin’! NOTE: Instead of evaporated
milk, you can substitute water to make it more “ploppy.”

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