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some flowers, trees used for healing

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Stormy Stewart
Mio, MI

Her are some of the plants and their uses for a happy healthy life

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Ingredients For some flowers, trees used for healing

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How To Make some flowers, trees used for healing

  • 1
    Apple Blossoms: Used internally for sore throats and colds, as a diuretic.
  • 2
    Basswood Flowers: Used externally for baths for insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, irritable children. Use internally for teas as a nervine for insomnia, cramps, indigestion.
  • 3
    Calnedula: Used externally for ointments for sores and wounds; lotion for bee and wasp stings. Powdered flowers used to soothe skin rashes. Used internally as an infusion to induce perspiration, treat toothaches.
  • 4
    Chamomile: Used externally as an infusion/bath for irritable children. Used internally in tea form as a nervine to relive indigestion.
  • 5
    Red Clover: Used internally as an infusion for colds, asthma, and bronchitis.
  • 6
    Elder Flowers: Used externally as cosmetic water for skin, infusion for irritated skin; baths for anxious people. Used internally for tea to induce perspiration, for influenza, sore throats, colds.
  • 7
    Lavender: Used externally for pillows for restful sleep; compresses to relieve headaches or cold symptoms; calming or antiseptic baths. Used internally for tea as a nervine to soothe sore throats and colds; stimulate appetite, relieve flatulence.
  • 8
    Mullein: Used externally in oil to treat earaches, bruises, piles. Used internally as an infusion for respiratory problems.
  • 9
    Peony: Used externally as a skin wash.
  • 10
    Yarrow: Used externally in a tea for rashes, skin ulcers, piles, sores.
  • 11
    Apple: Used internally to treat nausea & flu symptoms; fruit as a digestive aid.
  • 12
    Bay: Used internally as a general tonic to dispel gas.
  • 13
    Beech: Used externally as an infusion to bathe skin irritations, burns, sores, swellings.
  • 14
    Birch: The oil is used externally as a topical treatment for rheumatism; poultice for wounds and skin irritations; tea as an antiseptic, scalp wash. Used internally as a diuretic tea.
  • 15
    Butternut: The bark is used externally to treat rheumatism, headache; leaves to treat sore muscles. Also the bark is used internally as a laxative and the tea is use as a general tonic.
  • 16
    Oak: A decoction is used externally to treat bleeding gums, piles, as a footbath; poultice for wounds. Used internally as a decoction of the bark to treat diarrhea.
  • 17
    Poplar: A compress is used externally for arthritic inflammations. A decoction is used internally for general weakness, diarrhea, urinary tract infections.
  • 18
    Slippery Elm: A poultice is used externally to treat boils and wounds. Used internally to ease intestinal irritations, sore throat, cold symptoms, nervousness.

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