Healthy Spreadable Butter

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By Maureen Martin
from Independence, MO

Yes, you too can have that fresh buttery taste straight from the refrigerator without destroying your piece of bread! And the olive oil puts a healthy spin on things for those of us watching our cholesterol. Be warned, however, this is NOT a "diet" product: fat in the form of olive oil has the same number of calories as fat in the form of butter! I primarily cook for one or two, so the recipe is sized here for a smaller quantity, but it's easy to increase as the proportions are 2:1, butter to olive oil.

serves 3/4 Cup
prep time 5 Min
method Refrigerate/Freeze


  • 1 c
    butter, softened (i.e. 2 sticks)
  • 1/2 c
    olive oil (extra virgin optional)

How To Make

  • 1
    In a small bowl, combine butter and olive oil until thoroughly mixed.
  • 2
    Transfer to covered container and store in refrigerator. Use as desired in place of butter and margarine.
  • 3
    HINTS: * If desired, whip with electric mixer until fluffy. (NOTE: This can decrease shelf life of product somewhat.) * If you want a softer product, add a little more olive oil. I suggest starting with one TBS and see how that works for you. If it's still too firm after refrigeration, you can soften butter by letting it come to room temperature and mixing in another TBS of olive oil (don't forget to track the changes in amount on your recipe card!). * Feel free to use non-virgin olive oil if the taste of virgin or extra virgin is unpalatable to you. Be aware, however, that many of the beneficial qualities are in shorter supply in non-virgin olive oil. (Actually, you can use any bland oil you wish, but it may not be as healthy as olive oil.) * To control salt, feel free to use unsalted butter, however salt does have a preservative effect and this can result in a somewhat reduced shelf life, especially if you frequently tend to let it sit out on the table during dinner. (I've seen some recipes that actually add salt because adding the oil decreases the salt to fat ratio. I don't do this, but you can, and it may improve shelf life. If using salted butter, start with 1/4 tsp and test for taste.) * If you want to make larger quantities, the proportions of this recipe are 2:1, butter to olive oil.
  • 4
    STORAGE NOTE: Unlike regular butter or olive oil, this ~will~ spoil, even in the fridge, because you have exposed all of it to the atmosphere, however little (even if you don't whip air into it), but it takes several weeks for that to happen, so you'll probably use it up before it gets moldy as this makes only 3/4 lb.