Homemade vanilla extract

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By Dorothy Biron
from Cincinnati, OH

I was told about this recipe by my best friend and we did it together before the holidays and we both felt all of our holiday goodies definatly tastd better, and the longer it sits the better it gets.

serves 40-50
prep time 15 Min


  • 1 bottle of cheap vodka, 6 whole vanilla beans

How To Make

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    Open the bottle of vodka and remove the plastic pour spout. Then take a vanilla bean and cut it length wise and with a small shap knife and slowly scape all the seeds out of each half of the vanilla bean, and drop the seeds into the bottle of vodka. Continue in this manner until you have scaped all of the vanilla beans , at that point take the vanilla pods and drop them into the vodka. Replace the lid and shake the bottle for about a minute or so. You will see the flecks of vanilla floating aroung, don't worry it will not turn brown like the stuff from the store because it has no artificial coloring. Place the bottle in a cool dark place for abot 1 month to 6 weeks, the longer it sits the more vanilla is released. You never have to buy vanilla from the store again. he alcohol cooks out during the baking process so you will never have a taste of alcohol. I usually make 2 bottles at a time. I hope everyone enjoys this recipe. Grandsof4

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