Creamy bacon&crabmeat Chardonnay sauce

Cindy Rice


This is great, if ya love crab..we, however, do not like crab..( have no idea what I was
And this was good..soooo..if ya like're gonna love this..:)
I wanted something different, and unusual..wanted to step it up a but , so to speak..I originally bought my crab meat for stuffed mushrooms.( not gonna use it for that, like I idea what I was, I had an idea of the taste I wanted.sooo I started creating..:)
Bear in mind that "ALL" measurements are definitely absolutely nothing was measured..:( but I've tried to guess:)

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1/2 big can(s)
crabmeat, canned special, chicken of the sea
bacon,diced up pieces( thick sliced)
Approx.1/2 c
As needed
1/2&1/2 creamer/milk
1 pt
heavy cream, cold/heavy whipping cream
As needed
1% milk
1 stick
butter, room temperature
1 large
onion, chopped
1/4 lg. pkg
mushrooms, lg, white
appx.3-4 tsp
tarragon, dried
basil, dried, ( sprinkled a few times across the pan)
1-2 Tbsp
feta cheese, ( crumbled fine, sprinkled)
2-3 Tbsp
cream cheese
4 large
garlic cloves
As needed
white pepper
As needed
garlic sea salt
As needed
sea salt
4 Tbsp
bacon grease
allspice, ground( 2-4 passes across the top)
1/4-1/2 c
parmesan cheese, freshly grated
2 Tbsp
mincemeat sauce( only sauce/ chunks of fruit or anything) may leave out..

How to Make Creamy bacon&crabmeat Chardonnay sauce


    But, this should give you a basic concept and will still turn out good/great..maybe even better then mine..:)
  • 2Let's get started..:)
    Place butter in large sauce pan..turn on burner to med/low ..
    Slice your onion and dice it up into large pieces..put in pan..slice your mushrooms, thickly..and put in pan..
  • 3Slice and mince your garlic cloves and put in pan..sauté all ..till onions and mushrooms start to brown up just a bit..sprinkle some tarragon across the top of all, about twice, but sprinkle it lightly, not heavy handed..:(.. Sprinkle some basil across all as well, a tad bit more basil than tarragon..then sprinkle some garlic sea salt over all..lightly...once over..lightly sprinkle some allspice over all..( remember, you just want a hint..),
  • 4Stir to mix..continue to sauté ..pour in about 1/4 cup Chardonnay..continue to simmer for a bit longer..add your crab meat, break it up good..(incidentally, raw lump crab meat would be so much better, and you would now slice it up and cook in pan now..) ( I bought the wrong kind of crab:(.. Live and learn..)
  • 5If using raw, fresh..sauté till done.. Now place your cream cheese in pan..mush, mash, stir... Crumble your feta into pan..( very small crumbles...), stir..pour in about 1/2-3/4 pint heavy cream..stirring frequently..till thickened..add more tarragon, basil, garlic sea salt and all spice..
  • 6Note..when you put your crab meat..remember to drain the juices( or squeeze) , into pan w/the crab..also..nows the time to dice up ab1/4# of your bacon and fry..put half bacon into sauce once it is almost done..add about 3-4 TBL.bacon grease as well..stir good..when all done ..sprinkle the remainder of bacon pieces over the not stir.ince you've done that..
  • 7Okay..once it has begun to thicken..add about a 1/4 cup more Chardonnay ..continue to simmer gently till thick..thin out w/1/2&1/2..continue to simmer..add some sprinkles of white pepper across the want a hint not overpowering..
    You'll want to thicken..then thin out w/1% milk..continue to simmer , remember to stir frequently..
  • 8About 4 or 5 times you will thicken and then thin out..and on the last time you will be done..adding spices conservatively each time you thicken/or thin..add a few sprinkle of freshly ground sea salt along the way..
    And sprinkle ( once ) a little garlic powder across the top ( lightly..)
  • 9Boil up some egg noodles..ladle some sauce over noodles..sprinkle a little black pepper over the top w/a little freshly ground sea salt..
  • 10And enjoy!
    Seve w/fresh cooked cauliflower on the side..:)

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About Creamy bacon&crabmeat Chardonnay sauce

Course/Dish: Other Sauces, Seafood
Main Ingredient: Seafood
Regional Style: French
Dietary Needs: Soy Free