Darlene’s Gourmet Organic Paste, Spread, and All Purpose Seasoning and Marinade

Darlene Lopez


This is delicious and can be used in anything enhance the flavor of all your dishes: meats, fish, salads seafood, vegetables, pastas, barbecues, stir fries, dressings, , soups, beans, spread on baguettes, biscuits, crackers, nachos, and much more! Enjoy the convenience of natural fiery grilled seasoning all year long since this seasoning may be frozen for up to9 Months (you may also freeze it in ice trays then place frozen cubes in a freezer bag use cubes for your seasoning) Hey why not work smarter and not harder. Hope you like it!

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Bulk seasoning for everyday cookin
20 Min
10 Min


2 ½ c
coarsely diced organic grilled red onions
coarsely diced organic grilled red bell pepper (seeded)
coarsely diced organic grilled orange bell pepper (seeded)
coarsely diced organic grilled yellow bell pepper (seeded)
coarsely diced organic grilled green bell pepper (seeded)
3 pinch
fresh peper
head of organic grilled garlic peeled and smashed
1/2 c
organic natural pitted green salad olives
the juice of 1 organic lemon or organic lime
1 Tbsp
organic vinegar
2 tsp
mustard (optional)
1 Tbsp
fresh dried organic oregano leaves
1/2 c
olive oil
sea salt to taste


1Preheat outdoor grill and brush with olive oil
2Rinse and dice all vegetables and place in large bowl
3Add remaining ingredients to vegetables and toss
4Place vegetables on hot outdoor grill one minute on each side (Save juices for when sautéing veggies on stove)
5In a large pot pre-heat oil (In-doors)
6Add vegetables and juices from bowl
7Reduce to medium heat
8Let simmer for 3 to 5 minutes
9Allow vegetables to cool before handling for approximately 5 to 1o minutes
10In food processor, puree all ingredients until consistency level of your choice. I prefer a creamier consistency
11Refrigerate in a glass jar