Warm Potato Salad Primavera

Joan Hunt


This is another recipe from vegetarian times magazine. this is a great summer time meal. and good for pot luck and picnics.

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8 servings



1 1/2 c
packed baby arugula
3/4 c
packed baby spinach
3/4 c
packed fresh basil
1 clove
garlic, minced (1 tsp.)
1/4 c
toasted walnut pieces
2 tsp
lemon juice
3 Tbsp
olive oil


1 1/2 lb
red new potatoes, halved
3/4 lb
fresh green beans, trimmed (3 cups)
2 tsp
olive oil
1/2 large
fennel bulb, thinly sliced (2 cups)
1 large
shallot, thinly sliced (1/3 cup)
3 Tbsp
diced sun-dried tomatoes
1/8 tsp
red pepper flakes
3/4 c
quartered cherry tomatoes


1To make Pesto:
2Purée 1 cup arugula, 1/2 cup spinach, basil, garlic, and walnut pieces in food processor until smooth. Add remaining arugula and spinach, and pulse until smooth. With machine running, pour in lemon juice and oil, and blend until combined. Season with salt and pepper, if desired.
3To make Potato Salad:
4Cook potatoes in large pot of boiling salted water 10 minutes. Add green beans, and cook 5 minutes more. Drain, and transfer to bowl. Cover to keep warm.
5Heat oil in skillet over medium heat. Sauté fennel and shallot in oil 10 minutes, or until browned. Add sun-dried tomatoes and red pepper flakes, and sauté 3 to 4 minutes more.
6Toss Pesto and fennel mixture with potatoes and green beans. Garnish with tomatoes, and serve.