Stone Magick ~ A stone for every need (Part 2)

Stormy Stewart


Part 2 of 2 parts. What to change something these will help

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1~Free of past sorrows~
Aventurine: Sorrow is stored in the heart, and aventurine is an ideal stone for soothing heartache.
2~A lot of anxiety attacks~
Rhodochrosite: This stone assists in slow, deep breathing, which relaxes the solar plexus and sends needed oxygen to the brain.
3~Feeling emotionally unbalanced~
Moonstone: This stone assists you both when you're feeling over-emotional or out of touch with your feelings.
4~Serenity in my life~
Amethyst: The most recommended stone for stress relief.
Aquamarine: This stone has the calming, soothing energy of the sea.
5~Want good things happening more quickly to me~
Rutilated Quartz: Its high vibrations speed in manifesting what you want.
6What's stopping me from having what I want~
Black Obsidian: This stone helps to bring to the surface the hidden and limiting beliefs which may blocking you.
Clear Calcite has the same effect in a more gentle way.
7~More patient with myself and others~
Rose Quartz: This stone teaches self-love and acceptance; when we feel this way about ourselves it's easier to have patience with others.
Rhodonite: This stone helps with patience.
8~ Look at my problems more rationally~
Sodalite: When you feel completely confused this stone can help with mental calmness.
9~Want to know what's going on inside me~
Obsidian: This stone will tell you' be sure you want to know.
10~When I'm sick I get so nervous about it that it's hard for me to get well~
Amethyst: The stone for over stressed nerves.
Rhodochrosite: for relieving anxiety
11~Not sure what I feel~
Moonstone: This stone helps us to get in touch with our feelings.
Hematite: Being over-sensitive usually means being over-affected by the opinions and/or feelings of others. Hematite helps to shield us from this.
13~Impossible to let go of old relationships~
Onyx: This is the stone for breaking unwanted ties to the past.
14~I don't trust myself~
Rose Quartz: This is the stone for loving ourselves, and trust naturally follows love.
15~Can't stick to my diet (or break another addiction)
Amethyst: Many people have successfully used this stone to help in releasing addictions.
16~Emotional roller-coaster~
Moonstone: This stone helps to bring balance to the emotions.
17~Uncover my deepest fears~
Obsidian: This stone will bring up anything which is hidden, and is best used with any of the quartzes (especially rose quartz and aventurine) to soften its effect.
Charoite: Helps one to deal with both known and unknown fears.
18~Depressed a lot of the time~
Smoky Quartz: When we're depressed we feel both that we have no solid ground to stand on and that light is absent from our lives. This stone, which is dark and light-filled, can help.
Amber: This helps to draw out depression.
19~More passion in my life~
Ruby: This is the traditional stone for sexual and emotional passion.
20~Disconnected from other people~
Quartz Cluster: Helps us to see the beauty of community and helps with group meditations.
21~Hard to ask others for help~
Amazonite and Turquoise: The first stone gives courage of self-expression; the second gives the ability to ask for help.
22~Difficulty in asserting myself~
Amazonite: This stone helps us to say what we need to say.
23~Frequent nightmares~
Amethyst: This is the traditional stone for peaceful sleep.
Green Calcite: This stone, formed in water, helps to bring flexibility to our perceptions of ourselves and others.
25~Sending out an image of myself which isn't really me~
Charoite: We often present false images because we're afraid that we won't be accepted for who we are. Charoite helps to dissolve fear.
26~Not objective about my problems~
Clear Calcite: This stone helps us to to draw on our higher or spiritual selves for creative solutions.
27~Worry about other people's opinions of me~
Rose Quartz: When we nurture ourselves with self-love other people's opinions of us will usually mirror our own.
28~I feel like I come from another planet~
Moldavite: Some of us may; moldavite can helps us all to feel more comfortable on the earth plane.
Ametrine: Helps us to balance the spiritual and physical words.
29~Need to develop my intellect~
Fluorite: Known as the genius stone, it can help stimulate intellectual powers.
30~Trouble meditating~
Kyanite: I have found that this stone helps me to be grounded and calm so that I can meditate.
Hematite: This stone helps to calm and stabilize our energy.

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