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dating do's and don'ts

michelle 'FLAME' kelley


ok gentleman here are a few dating do's and don'ts.

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one lady
quiet night in or out
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1ok lets start with the don'ts. Don't expect anything on the first date, just because she agreed to go out with you doesn't mean she is going to sleep with you too.
Don't assume she is going to pay, because even though we believe in women's lib we as a group still believe its the mans place to pay for dinner.(you know like most of you believe its the women's place to cook and clean for you)
Don't become possessive we like to be protected not controlled.
Don't act like you don't care or act indifferent we need to see your feelings. Don't reach out and grab our private areas trying to turn us on because all you end up doing is turning us off.
Don't assume anything. even though we are a confusing part of the human species NO still means No! NOT MAYBE!
Don't assume we have the protection covered even if we say we do. Cover yourself use a condom.
Don't just jump to conclusions,ask the questions and get the answers first before going to bed with the person.
Don't assume she is going to ask you in when the date is over, and don't feel hurt if she doesn't.
2Don't spend the night if you are dating a single mom and the children are home.
Don't meet the children till you're sure you are ready for a family

Don't try being their dad while dating their mom
Don't be the one to discipline at all but don't become the middle person. (they won't thank you in the long run)
Don't let the children play you against the mom,
Don't let your feelings for their mom cloud your better judgement.
Don't assume anything.
Don't think we need your help,advice,input or strength.(most women these days may WANT all of these things from you but we do not NEED them)
Don't try and fix everything for us
Don't think we don't need you just because we are strong.
Don't become offended if you don't get us asking for your help all of the time with the heavy stuff.
Don't get your nickers in a bunch when we don't come screaming for your strong arms to hold us when we get upset.
Don't think for one minute that you are not needed or wanted in our lives just because we can do things and survive without you for more that a few minutes of every day.

learn to cook at least one breakfast,lunch and dinner complete with dessert. do it proudly and with finesse and don't be afraid to show her your talents. (practice)
4Do, treat her like a lady,No matter what. Think of how you would want your sister or Mother to be treated.
Do, open her door for her
do hold her chair for her
Do ask her To dance
Do help her with things around the house
do ask her how her day was
Do ask her if she needs your help in the kitchen or anything you see that may need to have a mans attention.
do ask her what she may like to eat or drink,
do bring her flowers
do bring her candies
ask her to go on a walk with you
ask her what her thoughts are on items of the day.
ask her opinion on world affairs or local news.
ask her to help you shop for items for your home or office(nothing personal)
ask her how the children are(if a single mom)
listen when she speaks, intently not with half heart.
do tell her how you feel and listen when she does the same.
do buy her little things(they don't have to cost an arm and a leg)
5do tell the children when you meet them you are not there to take their dad's place but would like to be their friend.
do show their mother kindness and respect at all times
do take the time to show not only in feelings but in words how she makes you feel.
Do take the time just to be with her.
do introduce her to your friends as your girl if she truly is that.
do act yourself at all times and not something you think she wants you to be.

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